How To Become Extremely Rich In Kenya


How can I become extremely rich in Kenya this year?.

Here are ways to become rich in Kenya and join the millionaires club if not the billionaires club.

Making money in Kenya can be hard, but there are people who make millions of Kenyan shillings every month.

How do they do it?.

The opportunities in Kenya are endless, you just need to figure out which opportunity you will hold on to and make money from it.

The other thing is that the Kenyan currency is among the strongest currencies in Africa and the entire world at large.

Which means making Kenyan shillings can easily make you a millionaire.

If you are looking for ways to become a rich and successful Kenya.

In this article, we have provided several ways that other Kenyans are using to completely change their lives and their families lives are never the same again, because of the amount of money they make.

Below are legitimate ways to get rich in Kenya and become one of the wealthiest people in the country this year.

Ways To Become Rich In Kenya:

  • Get In Real Estate

The real estate industry is a billion dollar industry.

As Bill Gates once said, being born poor is not necessarily your fault, but dying poor will be 100% your fault.

You have to choose something and go with it until you are great at it.

And real estate is one of the best investments in Kenya that can make you filthy rich in Kenya today.

You just need to find the right people and connect with the right experts in the industry.

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  • Open Your Own Church

Millions of money are in churches these days.

Kenyans who own churches are making six figures per week.

A popular church in Kenya that has a lot of people coming over on Sundays is expected to make nothing less than Ksh. 100,000 that day.

With no surprise, there are churches in Kenya today that earn Ksh. 2 million every single Sunday, which makes it around Ksh. 8 million per month.

  • Build Rentals and Become a Landlord

Landlords in Kenya make millions every month, depending on the number of houses (rentals) they have built.

If you can get a loan or save up to build rentals or apartments in a good location, your rentals/apartments will be full almost immediately after finishing the construction.

  • Invest In Cryptocurrency

Crypto currency such as BITCOIN, DOGECOIN, LITECOIN etc can be one of the best and easiest way to become a millionaire in Kenya.

The crypto industry may require you to learn some skills and understand the crypto market, but once you get it, you are up for making a lot of money especially when converted into a Kenyan Shillings.

For instance, today the price of one Bitcoin is worth millions of Kenyan Shillings.

  • Start an Online Business

One of the best and fastest ways to become a millionaire in Kenya is by running an online business.

Online businesses in Kenya are pocketing millions of money every month and the space in the industry in Kenya is still huge for new businesses to take advantage of.

  • Start a Taxi or Matatu Business

The Taxi and Matatu business might have been hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, but there are still opportunities to make millions.

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People who own taxi cars or Matatu busses in Kenya are making unbelievable amount of money every day.

This type of business might require a bit of investment but at the end of it all, you will just be earning money without you doing anything, for as long as you have hired qualified drivers.

There are many ways to become a rich person in Kenya and these are just some of them.

No matter what you choose to do, you can always become rich if you put your mind to it and believe in yourself like no else one does.

Focus on your dreams and you will thank yourself one day for not quitting.

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