How to Easily Get Your P9 Form to File Tax Returns 2023


How can I get my p9 form and file my Tax Returns?.

Here is exactly how to acquire your P9 Form in Kenya in order to fill your KRA tax returns.

What is a P9 From?

A P9 Form is the earnings of a person, their benefits and allowances that they have been able to earn in a period of one year.

There are other details including the person’s employer information, tax deduction among others.

Second Explanation;

P9 form is a Tax Deduction Form/Card, which is usually issued to you (employee) by your Employer.

The P9 form has details on your earnings, benefits, allowances and deductions for a period of the past one year.

The P9 (Tax Deduction Card) is essential when it comes to filling your KRA itax returns online.

You can NOT fill your tax returns without your p9 form, that’s how important this form is.

As a Kenyan Citizen, you are supposed to fill your tax returns every year and failer to do so will attract a penalty that is as high as Ksh. 20,000.

All employees should be able to access their P9 Form from their current employers.

For government employees, the form is available at the sector’s website.

For instance teachers who are hired by the government can access their P9 forms at the TSC website, the form is available for download there.

With that said, below is how to file your p9 itax returns, Online through the KRA website.

How To File P9 Itax Returns:

To file your file your p9 tax returns online, you will first need to get your p9 form from your employer or download it if the company/organization you are working at offers the service.

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After acquiring the P9 Form from your employer, follow this easy step;

  • Log in with your KRA PIN and password to your KRA account through the website (
  • Once logged in, Hover over to Returns Menu then select ‘File Returns’ option
  • Select the Tax Obligation (Income Tax-Resident Individual) to continue
  • Use the link provided by the system to download your Income Tax Return Form
  • Enter your PIN, the type of return, the return period (From) and the return period (To). This is the 1st date of January Last year to the last date of December this year.
  • On the Sheet F, you are required to enter your Employer’s PIN, Their Name, gross income, allowances and other benefits as indicated at the p9 form
  • On the Sheet M, you are required to select the PIN of your employer from the dropdown menu, enter their name, taxable salary, tax payable on taxable salary and amount of tax deducted as shown in the P9 form
  • On the Sheet T, enter the figure as is on your P9 form. If required, you should also enter your personal relief

If it’s your first time filling tax returns, remember to enter the return period.

That’s it, you should now confirm and make sure that all the information you provided is exactly what appears on your p9 form before completing the process.

If everything is correct, go ahead and upload the form and submit it.

You will be issued with a receipt, download the receipt and keep it.

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For those who chose MPESA as their payment method. Remember to use your number as the account number, but there is no big issue though if you missed it.

Here is how to file a Nil Returns.

How To File NIL Returns:

To file a NIL Returns today, simply

  • Log in to the itax portal
  • Enter your KRA PIN, and enter your password to continue
  • Once you are logged in to the portal, click on the returns Menu
  • Select the File Nil Returns option
  • Under the Tax Obligation, select Income Tax Resident
  • Enter the return period

(This should be the first date of January last year, to the last date of the last month, the same year)

  • Now click on the submit button

Once the process is complete, the itax system will generate a receipt for you which you are highly recommended to download and print it out as hard copy.

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