KRA Penalties: How To Check KRA Penalties And How To Pay

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)

How to check all your KRA penalties and how you can pay your KRA penalties online or through MPESA, is all provided on this article.

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has made it easier for anyone who wants to check their KRA penalties to be able to do just that online, you can pay your KRA penalties easily by following the easy guide on this article.

All you need is your phone, computer or tablet, simply any gadget that can access the internet.

Here is how to check if you have any outstanding Kenya Revenue Authority Penalty.

How To Check Your KRA Penalties:

  • Go to the iTax website
  • Enter your KRA PIN to continue
  • Enter your PIN/Password
  • Type in the arithmetic sum of the security stamp to log in to your KRA account
  • Once logged in, click on the menu tab ‘Debts and Enforcement’
  • Click on the Apply for waiver for penalties and interests, then enter all the details required
  • Click on the Apply for Waiver for Penalties and Interests then choose Applicant Type as; Taxpayer
  • Click on the Tax obligation, for example; Income Tax Individual
  • Choose the type, either; penalty, interest or both options
  • After selecting a type, on the screen, the system will display the total penalty that you owe KRA

Now that you know exactly how to check KRA Penalties, below is how to pay your KRA penalties if you have any, through MPESA and online.

Here is how anyone can pay their KRA Penalty online easily.

How To Pay Your KRA Penalty Online:

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If you are wondering, how do I pay my KRA penalty online? Below is exactly how to do just that.

To Pay Your Kenya Revenue Authority Penalty Online:

  • Visit the iTax portal
  • Enter your KRA PIN to continue
  • Enter your PIN/Password
  • Download a special form
  • Complete the residential rental income tax return form
  • Send the completed form and download the E-slip.

To pay your Kenya Revenue Authority penalty through M-Pesa, you will need your personal account number, which is your payment registration number.

Once you have the number, use the KRA Paybill Number: 572572 to pay KRA penalty via M-Pesa.

Below is how to pay for KRA penalties via M-Pesa.

How To Pay Your KRA Penalty Via M-PESA:

If you are wondering how can I pay my KRA penalties using MPESA?. Here is how to do just that.

  • Open Safaricom SIM KIT
  • Select Mpesa
  • Select Lipa na Mpesa
  • Enter business number as: 572572

(572572 is the KRA Paybill Number)

  • For account number, enter the PRN as your account number

(the PRN is found on the E-slip)

  • Enter the amount of money you want to pay for your KRA penalty
  • Enter your MPESA PIN and press OK

You will receive a confirmation SMS from both KRA and MPESA confirming the transaction.

You can recheck your KRA penalties again after making the payment to see if the money has been received by KRA.

Always remember you will be fined a certain amount of money if you DO NOT file your annual taxes.

The fine used to be Ksh. 20,000 but it was recently reduced by Kenya Revenue Authority to around Ksh. 2,000

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