How To File KRA ITAX Returns Easily 2023


Here is an easy guide on how you can file all your KRA ITAX Returns in Kenya without wasting any time.

As we all know, it is required that you file your Tax Returns each year.

This is from January to the last day of June. If you do not file your Tax Returns, you are risking being in trouble that can cost you a total of Ksh. 20,000 as penalty fee.

To help you avoid all this, in this article, we have covered the easiest way to File Your KRA ITAXT RETURNS this year.

Remember that you should always file your Tax Returns every year even if you are not currently employed, for as long as you have a KRA PIN, you should try your best not to miss a year without filling your tax because that might lead to you getting a penalty of 20K.

But in a case where you are a holder of a KRA PIN but you have not been employed for a period of 1 year. Then you should file a NIL Returns.

Here is exactly how to file a NIL RETURN if you have been unemployed for a period of one year.

Every non employed KRA PIN holder should file a NIL RETURN. Below is exactly how to do just that.

How To File NIL Returns:

To file a NIL Returns today, simply

  • Log in to itax portal
  • Enter your KRA PIN, and enter your password to continue
  • Once you are logged in to the portal, click on the returns Menu
  • Select the File Nil Returns option
  • Under the Tax Obligation, select Income Tax Resident
  • Enter the return period
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(This should be the first date of January last year, to the last date of the last month, the same year)

  • Now click submit to continue

Once the process is complete, the itax system will generate a receipt for you which you are highly recommended to download and print it out as hard copy.

For P9 Returns, we have provided a comprehensive easy step-by-step guide on how to file a P9 Returns.

Below is how anyone can file a P9 Returns easily

To understand more what a P9 is, here is a brief explanation of what a P9 is.

A P9 is the earnings of a person, their benefits and allowances that they have been able to earn in a period of one year.

There are other details including the person’s employer information, tax deduction among others.

Now that you understand what a p9 is, here is how to file it.

How To File P9 Returns:

  • Log in to KRA itax portal
  • Enter your KRA PIN, and your password to successfully log into your account
  • Click on the Returns Menu (’e returns’ icon) and select the File Returns option
  • Select the tax type

(e.g ‘Original’)

  • Enter the taxpayer’s PIN
  • Select the tax obligation that is applicable to you and click ‘next’
  • Click on the returns form that is convenient to you and download it in excel format (excel sheet recommend)
  • You should enable editing so as to be able to edit and zip your file.
  • Next step is to fill out all the necessary fields on the P9 form, once done filling out the form, click ‘Next’. Keep filling all the required fields until you have finished all of them successfully, and validate it
  • Your form will be saved automatically in a Zip Form, ensure you know where the Form has been saved to
  • Now reopen the KRA Itax portal once again in a new tab, or simply close the current tab and open a new one on the same browser
  • Once logged in, instead of downloading the excel sheet as you did before, just below the downloading tab, click on the browse tab below it and upload your Zipped Form that was saved
  • After uploading your Zip Form File and submitted it, download the e-returns receipt that has been generated and keep it for future use
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The process of filling your KRA ITAX RETURNS is even easier if you follow the above instructions carefully and in step by step process.

For more information about KRA itax Returns, please feel free to contact the KRA customer care, they will be glad to help you.

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