List Of 5 Ugliest Men In The World [2023 Update]

Ugliest man

Who wins the ugliest man in the world title today?.

Have you ever wondered who is the ugliest man in the world? Here is the name of the 5 man who won the title of the world’s ugliest people.

Although this title is not such a pleasing title to be on someone’s name.

There are people who have accepted it and they are currently holding the title of the world’s most ugly men.

In this article, Kenyan Magazine has ranked down the most agly men alive with reference from Guinness World Record.

The World has more than 8 billion people and counting till date, but these 5 guys have stand out as the worst looking ugly men in the entire world.

With that being said, here is the list ranking of the 5 men who are the most ugly, answering the question, who is the ugliest man in the world?.

Who Is The Ugliest Man In The World:

1. Godfrey Baguma

Ugandan man by the name Godfrey Baguma is the ugliest man in the world and has even won a Guinness World Record for his disproportioned look.

He is currently married and a father to 8 children.

This makes him the ugliest man in Africa and Uganda.

2. William Masvinu

Taking the second place as the world’s ugliest man is Wiliam Masivinu from Zimbabwe.

He is also termed as Zimbabwe’s ugliest man or Mr. Ugly.

You can confidently say that he’s the 2nd ugliest man in Africa.

3. Maison Sere

If you are looking for ugly men, you will definitely agree that Maison Sere is one bad looking guy.

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He is from Zimbabwe and leading as one of the most ugly people by facials.

4. Joshua Glen Box

Years ago, Joshua Box tried to kill himself by firing a gun in his face but he fortunately did not die.

The gun short messed up his face and he is now one of the world’s ugliest men.

5. Michael Berryman

Due to a medical condition that Michael suffered from in a young age.

It made him one of the ugliest babies and currently one of the ugliest men alive.

In Africa, Uganda has the ugliest man while Zimbabwe holds the record of the African country with the highest number of ugly people.

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