How To Easily Replace A Lost Birth Certificate In Kenya (Manual & Online)

A Kenyan Birth Certificate

How can I replace my lost birth certificate in Kenya?.

Did you just lost a birth certificate or did somebody you know lost their original birth certificate?.

Here is exactly how to replace your lost birth certificate in Kenya with a new original birth certificate, using the manual method of replacing a birth certificate and the online method of replacing your lost birth certificate.

Losing your birth certificate will definitely be a problem when it comes to accessing various services in Kenya, but the good thing is that you can always replace your birth certificate.

With that said, here is how you can be able to apply for a new birth certificate, in any case you lost your original birth certificate.

There are two main methods of replacing a lost birth certificate in Kenya, in this article, we have provided both methods of replacing a lost birth certificate.

Choose the one that is easier for you and replace your birth certificate.

To replace your birth certificate in Kenya, you will be required to have certain documents in order to replace your birth certificate.

Here are the documents required for replacing a lost birth certificate in Kenya.

Birth Certificate Replacement Documents Required:

Your National ID (for over 18 Kenyans)

A photocopy of the lost birth certificate (if available)

Original ID card/Passport/Birth Certificate of both parents or a copy of death certificate in case one/both parent is deceased

(Visit the National Registration Bureau for a printout of your parents ID if you don’t have them)

A Birth notification or A baptismal card

A School Leaving certificate

Once you are in possession of all the documents required to replace your birth certificate in Kenya, you are now a few steps away from getting a new original birth certificate.

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Follow the easy steps provided below to replace your birth certificate in Kenya today.

How To Replace Your Lost Birth Certificate In Kenya:

How To Replace Your Lost Birth Certificate Manually:

Method 1;

  • The first step of replacing a lost birth certificate in Kenya is by physical visiting the office of Registration of Births and Deaths in the county that you are in, or the nearest Huduma Center.
  • By visiting the office, you will present a copy of your birth notification or a copy of your birth certificate to the registrar at the office, which will be used to confirm your birth details.
  • After which you will be issued a B1 form to fill out and submit it back with all the documents that are required (the documents we listed above). This will cost you nothing more than Ksh. 300
  • After completing this process, you will be told the date that you will come back and collect your replaced birth certificate.
  • Congratulations! You now have a new birth certificate.

That was the first method of replacing your certificate in Kenya, below is the second method, which is the Online method of replacing a birth certificate in Kenya.

How To Replay A Lost Birth Certificate Online:

Method 2;

  • To replace your lost birth certificate through the Online process, you will first need to visit the eCitizen Government Portal website
  • Once at the site, you can log in with your details or create a new account if you don’t have one yet
  • Once logged in hover over to the Civil Registration Department and click on the link
  • Next step is to click on the Make Application then select Birth Certificate
  • Then select if it is your own birth certificate or your child’s birth certificate to continue
  • After selecting, you are required to fill out all the required information
  • After completing the process, now select your preferred payment method and pay the required amount through MPESA
  • Confirm your payment and submit your application, then download the invoice
  • The next step is to carry both the invoice and the required documents we mentioned earlier and take them to the nearest Civil Registration Department for the processing of your birth certificate
  • The process of your new birth certificate will start immediately and you will be told the day it will be ready for collection.
  • Congratulations! You can now go ahead and collect the new original birth certificate the day you were told to
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That’s how any Kenyan can be able to replace their lost birth certificate in the country.

Choose the method that suits you, either the online methods or through the manual (physical) method.

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