How To Easily Replace A Lost ID (National Identity Card) In Kenya

National identity Card

Here is how to easily replace your lost National Identity Card popularly refered as ID, in Kenya today.

We all know how important an ID Card is in Kenya, without your national ID, you might not be allowed or not offered certain services in the country.

More importantly, the moment you realize that you have lost your ID or you suspect that it might be stolen, don’t even waste any more time.

You should report the matter to the nearest police station as soon as possible, because if you do not report it and someone uses your ID to commit any crime, you will be charged for it, it does not matter if it was you or not.

For as long as your National Identity Card was involved before you reported the issue to a police station, you might be in a serious problem.

When you report the matter at a police station, you will be issued a Police Abstract.

The police abstract will keep you out of trouble if in any case someone uses your lost ID to comment any criminal activity.

These days you can also visit any Huduma Centers near you to get a police abstract if the closest police station to you is quite far compared to the Huduma Center.

With all that said, here is exactly how to replace an ID in Kenya and acquire a new national ID by any chance you lost your original ID.

How To Apply for a Lost ID Replacement in Kenya:

Lost ID replacement application process in Kenya is as follows;

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  • To apply for your lost ID replacement, you will first need to visit the nearest Huduma Center.

(the application process will be much more easier if you are already in possession of a police abstract)

  • Otherwise, after visiting a Hunuma Center but you don’t have the police abstract with you, not to worry, you will be issued a police abstract to continue with the application process
  • You will be required to fill out some forms, always ensure you try your best to give as accurate information as possible because this will help understand the situation that led to you losing your ID.
  • After filling out all the forms and handing them back to the representative, you will be asked for two copies of your passport photos.
    But if you do not have them with you at the time, they will take two or three passport photos of you at the center.
  • The next step will be to have your fingerprints taken and recorded in the database.
  • After completing the process successfully, before you can be issued your ID, you will be issued with a Waiting Card, it will serve as your ID before your new national ID is processed and issued to you.
  • The officers in charge will let you know the date that you should come back and collect your ID.
  • Congratulations! You can now go back the day you were told to and collect your national ID, but this time, be more careful with it.

That’s the easiest way of replacing a lost national identity card in Kenya.

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Huduma Centers are generally opened on weekdays from 9AM to 5PM.

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