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List of all services that are currently offered at a Huduma Center.

Huduma Center which was first launched back in 2013 by President Uhuru Kenyatta, and the GPO at Kenyatta Avenue which was the very first Huduma Center to be launched in the country.

In this article we have listed all the services that are offered at any Huduma Center in Kenya today.

Huduma Centers are spread all over Kenya by now, the government under the leadership of President Uhuru Kenyatta has built quite a number of the Huduma Centers since its first launch years ago.

With that being said, below is a complete list of the services that any Kenyan can get when visiting a Hudumu Center in the country.

Kenyans should know and understand these services offered by Huduma Center representatives at the center.

Below are the services that Huduma Centers offer in Kenya.

List Of Services Offered At Huduma Centres In Kenya:

Registration of Business Names

Registration of Limited Companies

Issuance of Police Abstract

Issuance of Police Clearance Certificate

NSSF member registration

Issuance of NSSF statements

Registration of employer with NSSF

NSSF Card replacement

Receiving NSSF Claims

Online Renewal of Drivers’ license

Student Loan Application

Loan repayment statements

Receive complaints on discrimination based on tribe and religion

Body Mass Index and health promotion messages

Measuring Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar

Registration for Electricity

Issuance of Initial Identity Cards

Issuance of Duplicate Identity Cards

Issuance of Birth Certificates

Assessment of Stamp Duty and franking of documents

Application for Access to Government Procurement Opportunities

Registration of Self-Help Groups and CBOs

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Registration of Welfare Societies

Search of Business Names

Electricity Queries

Registration of voters

Receiving complaints on service delivery

Reporting corruption cases

Issuance of Self Declaration Forms

Status of Pension Claim

Application for Dependents’ Pension Claims

Change of Pay Point

Receiving complaints on procurement

Registration as a new student for KCSE

Examination booking

Application for a student ID

Credit services to women entrepreneurs

Seasonal Parking tickets

Issuance of Single Business Permit

Payment of Rent & Rates

Impounding charges

Liquor licensing

NHIF member registration

Pin application/replacement

Issuance of Clearance Certificate/ Tax Compliance Certificate

Log Book Search & confirmation of status

All the above services are offered at your nearest Huduma Center branch. Visit the nearest Huduma Center to get any of the above services.

You can also get in touch with a Huduma Center Representative easily through the contact information provided below, they will be happy to provide you with any needed assistance.

Huduma Centre Contacts:

Physical Location:

15th Floor, Lonrho House, Standard Street, Nairobi


P.O. Box 47716-00100, Nairobi

Social Media:

FB: @huduma_kenya

Twitter: @HudumaKenya

Phone Number:


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