Huduma Namba: How and Where To Collect Your Huduma Card In Kenya

Huduma Kenya

Where and how can I collect my Huduma Namba Card?.

Here is how you can be able to collect your Huduma Number Card and how to acquire the card.

If you applied for the Huduma Namba, then your card might be ready by now.

Is your Huduma Namba Card actually ready for collection?.

Here is how to know if your Huduma Card is ready to be collected.

If you received an SMS saying;

Dear (your name) your Huduma card is ready. Visit https://(website) to select your pick-up point. For inquiries call 0800221111

Then that means that your card is ready to be collected and you can go ahead and pick your Huduma Namba Card any time.

Note that this text message will only be sent to the number you provided during your Huduma Namba registration, if you use a different number/line, you should check the number you used for registering your Huduma Namba for the SMS.

As of this year, thousands of Kenyans who registered for huduma namba have already picked their cards from the pick up station they provided in the website.

The Huduma Namba card usually arrives at the pick-up location in a matter of around 20 days.

If you want to know how and where you can go pick your Huduma Namba.

In this article, we have provided a simple and detailed procedure for how to collect your Huduma Number in Kenya, depending on where you are located in the country.

Before you can collect your Huduma Namba Card, you will first need to provide your preferred pick up station.

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A pick up station, is simply a place or a location where it’s easy for you to get to and physically collect the card. Probably the nearest place to where you stay.

Here is how to select your Huduma Number Card pick up station and how to collect the card.

How To Pick Your Huduma Card From Any County:

Here is how to pick your Huduma Namba Card depending on your location in Kenya.

How To Select Your Huduma Namba pick-up Location:

To select your Huduma Number pick up location/station, click on the link provided to you through the text message that you received, confirming that your card was ready.

The Second step is to follow the link which will take you to a website, this is the official Huduma Namba website

Once in the site, simply provide all the details required to choose your own preferred pick up location, provide accurate information on your County, Sub-location and Location to set up your Huduma Namba Pick-up point.

After completing the process, you will be able to see how long it will take for your Huduma Namba Card to arrive at the pick up location you have provided. Mostly these takes less than a month.

For confirmation, you will also receive another text message confirming your pick up station and the date the card will be delivered at the pick up location.

When the day comes, you can go ahead and pick your card at the location you provided.

That’s how to collect a Huduma Number Card in Kenya, in any county you are located in, in the country.

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