List of Online Jobs That Don’t Require a Degree or Qualifications in Kenya 2023

Jobs in Kenya without degree or qualifications

List of Online Jobs that Don’t Require a Degree or qualifications in Kenya

The internet is so huge worldwide, which technically means there’s a lot of money online.

You can’t imagine how much money you are currently ignoring if you have never considered working online or just starting an online business.

You can start a successful online business or get an online job without even qualifying for the job.

Most online jobs don’t require experience, qualifications or a degree, at least that’s the type of online jobs that we are going to cover today.

If you have ever thought of starting to work online. These 6 online jobs don’t require you to take any interviews, you just need to be willing to take the job. That’s it.

Some of these jobs also offer free training for you, before you start working. When taken seriously, these online jobs can pay you way better than the normal 9 to 5 jobs.

With no particular order in other words randomly selected, here are 6 online jobs that don’t require a degree or experience.

Please note that the online jobs indicated below are briefly discussed.

After finding and choosing your desired online job that suits you, we recommend doing more research on it for more detailed information.

1: A Blogger

Become a blogger. Blogging
doesn’t require you to have any experience or any degree to start.

Blogging is one the best online jobs that don’t actually require experience or a degree.

Full-time bloggers make around $Ksh. 500,000 to Ksh. 3 million monthly. Insane, right?. Some bloggers are actually making over 5 million.

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But those kind of bloggers have probably been in the industry for a long time so they understand it better.

Being a blogger is very flexible, you can literally work from anywhere in the world. From your home, or even when you are traveling around the world. All you need is your laptop and an internet connection, and you can work.

2: A Translator

Another unique online job that pays very well with no degree or experience required is being a translator.

Assuming you have studied a foreign language, or by any chance you know (understand) a couple of foreign languages maybe because of traveling to foreign countries, or having a foreign friend or a family member.

That’s all you need to work as a translator.

Working as a translator can involve translation or interpretation of audio, speech or copies of text into another language or back (interpreting).

This may also involve translating hard copies and sending them back in a translated copy.

You can also teach people different languages online. There are many websites offering these types of services online. Find a tun of them on Google.

3: Editing and Proofreading

Do you by any chance enjoy reading? Did you know that you can get paid to read and correct mistakes that you are able to notice?

Many companies employ workers to edit and proofread their articles/text before they can publish then to the public to read.

These companies also employ remote workers for these kinds of jobs, which means that if you are in a different country from your employer’s company location, don’t worry, you can still get the job.

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4: Freelance Writer

Become a freelancer and make it your job. It’s actually easy to turn freelancing into a job, it’s flexible and you work when you want to.

Companies, including small and big companies hire people to write content for them and pay the people for their services.

If writing isn’t a big deal for you, then making money from it wouldn’t be as hard.

The best place to get freelancing jobs is on freelance sites such as Fiverr and Upwork.

The good thing with being a freelancer is that if you do and present your work well, you might end up getting a permanent job from the company you have been working as a freelancer for.

Better yet, get contacts from big companies that guarantee you very good pay. There’s no limit to these types of jobs.

5: Customer Service

This is actually one of the most underrated online jobs of all time.

Working as a customer service is not a complicated job as it may seem.

As a customer service, you can work from a remote location and still get your job done well, and on time.

If you are a stay at home mom, a student, or just looking for an online job you can do.

Customer service is one of the best choices for you.

Customer service Jobs are actually suitable for people who have trouble getting any regular jobs or by any chance, they are unable to get out of their houses but are willing to make money online.

6: Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant jobs are one of the most known online jobs you can ever find.

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A virtual assistant can also work from home. All you need to do as a virtual assistant is having the knowledge of planning conferences, matching calendars and being flexible in answering emails for the company you are working for.

Finding financial freedom online is not as hard as it might seem.

You can easily start your own online business or get an online job that suits you well and start making money.

As mentioned, these are not all the online jobs available, but just 6 of the best online jobs you can easily get hired to do without a degree, experience or any qualifications.

If you have chosen your desired online job, do more research on it as the above information is just a brief overview of the jobs, that should help you jump start your online jobs search.

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