Kata Simu Tupo Site!: Here Is What You Need To Know About the Viral Comical

Kata Simu Tupo Site - Mzee Mjegeje

Before we can even start.. Make sure ume Kata Simu, Kata Sim Tupo Site… Don’t like disturbance of the head you understand?.

The viral audio has been used by thousands of Kenyans on Tiktok, Instagram Reels also twitter videos.

People started using the Kata Simu Tupo Site comical on their videos after the audio went savagely viral in Kenya.

Who started Kata Simu Tupo Site?.

Umar Iahbedi Issa who is popularly known as Mzee Mjegeje is the man behind the comical phrase Kata Simu, Kata Simu, tupo site!

The phrase is now used on memes, videos and also on ads.

The guy who started the phrase is a Tanzanian resident who is also a comedian alies Mzee Mjegeje.

Today if you want your video to go viral, just make sure you have Mzee Mjegeje at the background of your videos screaming Kata Sim, Kata, Sim Tupo Site… Don’t like disturbance of the head you understand?.

People have actually started making songs about the phrase and the audio is used all over the internet.

That’s how viral the comical has gone.

Also if you want to ignore anyone who you don’t want to talk to and they are calling you… Just answer the phone and the first thing you should say to them instead of saying HELLO.. Just go ahead and scream “KATA SIMU KATA SIMU TUPO SITE TUPO SITE!!

Here is the video of Mzee Mjegeje Tupo Site Kata Simu.

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