Boxing: Eric Omondi VS Khaligraph Jones, Eric Omondi and Papa Jones Fight

Eric Omondi VS Khaligraph Jones Boxing

Eric Omondi is looking forward to box with hip hop rapper Khaligraph Jones.

Comedian Eric Omondi has been in the gym for a while now and he thinks it’s the right time for him and the OG to finally settle it out on who is the strongest between them.

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The show will go down where Khaligraph Jones is expected to fight Eric Omondi, and win the match.

If he fails too win Eric Omondi in this boxing match, then Eric Omondi will be announced the winner, and there will be no more internet beef between the two celebrities on who is stronger.

The boxing match between Khaligraph Jones and Eric Omondi will go down next month (February) 27th this year.

Are you going to attend the boxing match?

More information about the match below

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