Comedian Eric Omondi 10 Unknown Facts, Photos & Videos

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The President of Comedy in Africa as he refers himself as, here are the top 10 unknown facts about the talented Kenyan comedian.

Eric Omondi who is a rib cracking stand up comedian is among the most valued comedians in Kenya today.

In this article we have covered the 10 facts about Eric Omondi that are unknown by the public.

Here are the things that make comedian Eric Omondi stand out from the rest.

Below is a list of 10 unknown facts about Eric Omondi.

10 Facts About Eric Omondi:

  1. Eric Omondi is a second born in his family. And he was born in Siyaya County.
  2. Eric Omondi lost his elder brother Joseph Onyango back in the year 2018. Joseph was apparently addicted to drugs for about 19 years.
  3. Comedian Eric Omondi’s father was a Chief Inspector in Kisumu. His father was also once an OCS in Kisumu before he passed on.
  4. Eric Omondi and Churchill (Daniel Ndambuki) met back in 2006. That’s when Churchill saw the potential in the comedian and promised to give Eric a call for a gig. 2 years later, Churchill called Eric Omondi and he joined Churchill Show and that’s how Eric got recognized by Kenyans, the rest is history.
  5. On the 28th of February 2017 Eric traveled to the USA for a show, and a couple of days later, Eric Omondi broke the record as the first Kenyan to ever appear on Jimmy Fallon Late Night Show. One of the biggest and most watched TV shows in the US.
  6. Eric Omondi went to Kondele primary school, then later attended Kisumu Boys High School, after which he joined Daystar University to pursue Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication and Journalism.
  7. Eric Omondi and Jacque Maribe have a son together. The son’s name is Zahari. They both met while working at Radio Africa. Eric at Radio Jambo and Jacque at Kiss TV.
  8. Eric Omondi was awarded the best Comedian In Africa Entertainment Awards (AEAUSA), which was held in America back in 2018. A year later, he was voted the Best Comedian and African King of Comedy by AEAUSA in 2019.
    The following year 2020, Eric Omondi was named the Best Comedian by African Entertainment Awards, USA (AEAUSA).
  9. Eric Omondi and Tanzanian singer Diamond (Chibu Dangote) are very good friends.
  10. Comedian Eric Omondi is the founder and CEO of ‘Eric Omondi Studios’, and Big Tyme Entertainment.
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Eric Omondi’s siblings are namely:
Fred Omondi, who is also a comedian.

Rose Omondi, Eric’s younger sister

Irene Omondi

Pollate Omondi

Joseph Onyango Omondi (his late brother)

The President Of Comedy in Africa, Eric Omondi has always been one of Kenya’s top comedians and he has now ventured into online platforms such as YouTube where he releases videos of his reality show WIFE MATERIAL to keep on entertaining Kenyans and Africa at large.

With the list of unknown facts about Eric Omondi coming to an end, here are some of the latest amazing videos and photos of Eric Omondi.

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