Kenya Airways Salary: List of Positions in KQ and Their Salaries

Kenya airways salaries

Kenya Airways (the pride of Africa) the national carrier of Kenya, is known for its comprehensive salary structure designed to attract and retain top talent in the aviation industry.

Here is a detailed breakdown of the salaries and allowances for various positions within Kenya Airways as of this year:



  • Average Monthly Salary: Captains earn around KSh 1.6 million. This substantial figure reflects their critical role and the high level of responsibility they bear.
  • House Allowance: Captains receive an additional house allowance of KSh 36,000 per month.
  • Flying Allowances: For international flights, captains receive a monthly allowance of KSh 20,000.

Boeing Pilots

  • Gross Monthly Salary: Pilots flying Boeing aircraft earn approximately KSh 483,350 per month.

Embraer Pilots

  • Gross Monthly Salary: Embraer pilots receive around KSh 407,916 per month.

First Officers

  • Monthly Salary: First officers, who assist captains and are responsible for co-piloting, earn a base salary along with a house allowance of KSh 30,814.
  • Outpatient Cover: They receive outpatient cover of KSh 200,000 per family, which covers up to six individuals.

Cabin Crew

Flight Attendants

  • Annual Salary Range: The total annual compensation for flight attendants ranges from KSh 1.1 million to KSh 2.3 million. This includes base salary, bonuses, and other allowances.


Communications Managers

  • Annual Salary: Communications managers earn between KSh 4.0 million and KSh 4.3 million annually, reflecting the strategic importance of their role in managing the airline’s public image and communications.

Revenue Managers

  • Annual Salary Range: Revenue managers at Kenya Airways earn between KSh 75K to KSh 126K annually, with an average base salary around KSh 86K.
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Additional Benefits and Allowances

Kenya Airways also provides various non-monetary benefits to its employees:

  • Medical Cover: Enhanced medical benefits, including an inpatient cover of KSh 4 million and outpatient cover for families.
  • Maternity Cover: Pilots’ maternity cover increased to KSh 200,000 from the previous KSh 40,000.
  • Training and Development: Regular training and professional development opportunities to ensure staff remain at the forefront of aviation industry standards.


Kenya Airways’ competitive salary packages and comprehensive benefits reflect the airline’s commitment to maintaining high standards and operational excellence.

This detailed compensation structure not only attracts top talent but also ensures employee satisfaction and retention, vital for the airline’s continued success and reputation as the Pride of Africa.

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