Top 10 Largest American Cities (by area) 2022

Biggest American city by area

By area, what’s the largest city in America?.

Here are the top 10 biggest cities in the United States by the area the city covers.

There is a big difference between the largest cities by population and the largest cities by area.

In this article, we have ranked America’s biggest cities today with respect to their area in mi2.

With that being said, below are the top most largest cities in the USA ranked by area.

Biggest Cities In The U.S By Area:

  1. Sitka, AK (2,870.3 mi2)
  2. Juneau, AK (2,701.9 mi2)
  3. Wrangell, AK (2,542.5 mi2)
  4. Anchorage, AK (1,704.7 mi2)
  5. Jacksonville, FL (747 mi2)
  6. Anaconda, MT (735.6 mi2)
  7. Butte, MT (716.2 mi2)
  8. Oklahoma City, OK (607 mi2)
  9. Houston, TX (599.6 mi2)
  10. Phoenix, AZ (516.7 mi2)
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