List Of All Countries That Have Nuclear Weapons 2023

Nuclear weapons by country

Here is the list of all the countries in the world that have nuclear weapons and how many they have.

Russia currently has the highest number of nuclear weapons in the entire world today.

The USA comes second by the number of nuclear weapons compared to all the countries globally.

There are a number of countries today that have nuclear weapons and they are all included in the list.

With that being said, below is the list of the countries by the number of nuclear weapons they currently have as of this year.

Countries With Nuclear Weapons:

  1. Russia – 6,255 nuclear warheads
  2. United States of America – 5,550 nuclear warheads
  3. China – 350 nuclear warheads
  4. France – 290 nuclear warheads
  5. United Kingdom – 225 nuclear warheads
  6. Pakistan – 165 nuclear warheads
  7. India – 156 nuclear warheads
  8. Israel – 90 nuclear warheads
  9. North Korea – currently none, but material to build 40-50 nuclear warheads
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