List Of All Internet Service Providers In Kenya

Internet service

Here is a complete list of all the internet services providers in Kenya that are operating in Kenya and offering reliable internet surfing experience to all their uses in the country.

Internet is nowadays used by millions of Kenyans from home, businesses, institutions and organizations among other places where internet plays a huge role.

In this article, we have listed, as of today, all the internet services companies available in Kenya.

They all offer high speed internet connections and they have branches distributed all over the country.

The internet service providers listed below provide various internet services including satellite internet services, fiber internet services, voice and data internet services among others.

With that being said, below is a list of over 50 internet providers in Kenya

Internet Service Providers Companies In Kenya:

Airtel Kenya

Africa 2000 Network

African Laughter LTD

African Regional Centre for Computing

Alphanet Communication Ltd

Access Kenya Group

Acevilla Development Co Ltd

Altech Swift Global

Al-Wahda Telecommunication Bureau

Asego Enterprises Co Ltd

Bandwidth and cloud Services

Bhaniks Ltd

Bidii Dot Com Ltd

Browse Internet Access

BSS Africa Ltd

C Hear Kenya Ltd

Callkey Networks

Chase Communications and Internet Services

Clubinternet Kenya

Common Web services

Crane Industries

Crester Networks

Crystal Communication

Cyber solutions

Cyber Yetu

Cybernatics Communications Ltd

Dellsat Network Co.Ltd

Dotsavvy Ltd

E-Tach Communications

Easy Surf Ltd

Easy Fax

Education and Training Services Ltd

Embarq Ltd

Enterprise Data Freedom Ltd

Equality Dynamic Solutions Ltd

Equitorial Services

Ethernet Ltd

Faxsav Ltd

Ferinet Cyber

Fibre Link Ltd

Fireside Communications Ltd

Ceda Ltd

Geotel Internet Services

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Google Kenya Ltd

Host Yetu

Insight Technologies Ltd

Internet Solutions

Iway Africa

Jamii Telecommunication Company Ltd

Jejobyte Communications

Joel Siriba Ogetonto

Kasnet International Services Ltd

Kelele, Com

Kenya Web Ltd

Khekonya Telecoms Solutions Ltd

Lazards Ltd

Liam telecommunications

Liquid Telecom

Safaricom Limited

Telkom Kemya

Zuku Company Ltd

The internet provider companies listed above are available in Kenya and offer a relatively high internet speed.

What you should consider when choosing an internet service provider company in Kenya;

The Bandwidth

The Internet Speed

The Cost

The Customer Care Services

There you have it, those are the internet services providers in Kenya.

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