Top 20+ Luxury Hobbies In The World 2022

Luxury Hobbies

What are the most luxurious hobbies that are extremely expensive and only a few rich ones can afford?.

Here is the list of more than 20 most luxurious hobbies that only a few people can participate in the hobby.

Having a hobby is always a good thing, but in case you did not know, all hobbies are not the same.

There are some hobbies that will help you make money, there are other hobbies that will make your life fun and enjoyable but there are also hobbies that will drain your bank account like crazy, you choose where you want to be.

Obviously, the richer one is the more money they can spend on their hobbies and the things that they love doing.

In this article, with the help of society’s richest people, extremely wealthy individuals and hobby lovers.

We have listed down the top best most luxurious hobbies that are expensive to maintain that a regular person will never consider them their hobbies.

Expensive Luxurious Hobbies For The Rich:

  1. Ball Room Dancing
  2. Scuba Diving
  3. Skydiving
  4. Collecting Cars
  5. Traveling (World Tour)
  6. Mountain Climbing
  7. Pet Rearing
  8. Collecting Arts
  9. Hot air Balloon
  10. Aquariums
  11. Vintage Car Collecting
  12. Big-Game Hunting
  13. Horse Racing
  14. Collecting Exotic Animals
  15. Car Racing
  16. Motor Gliding
  17. Cigarette Boat Racing
  18. Yachting
  19. Yacht Racing
  20. Country Clubbing
  21. Golf
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