Top 20 Most Expensive Bathrooms In The World 2024

Most expensive bathrooms in the world

What’s the most expensive bathroom in the world?.

From interior design, location, size equipments in the Bathroom, high quality materials used, you name it.

Here is the list of the world’s most expensive bathrooms today.

To millions of people, bathrooms are not that serious for one to spend over 300 million dollars just to have a luxurious bathroom.

But to others, luxury comes first and the bathroom is not a limited part of the house.

Today, The Gold Plated Bathroom in London owned by the Saudi Prince cost $392 million USD to build, is the most expensive bathroom in the world.

Below is the list of the most luxurious and expensive luxury bathrooms the world has ever seen.

Most Expensive Bathrooms:

  1. Gold-plated Bathroom – Build Cost: $392 Million
  2. Grey Marble Bathroom – Build Cost: $188 Million
  3. Boasting Solid Gold Bathtubs – Build Cost: $45 Million
  4. Master Ensuite – Build Cost: $45 Million
  5. Balinese Style Bathroom – Build Cost: $13.5 Million
  6. Aquarium Bathroom – Build Cost: $10 Million
  7. Fancy Bathroom – Build Cost: $8.5 Million
  8. Ornate Bathroom – Build Cost: $5.2 Million
  9. Solid Gold Toilet – Build Cost: $4.8 Million
  10. Gilded Bathroom – Build Cost: $4.50 Million
  11. Swanky Master Bathroom
  12. Royal Suite Bathroom
  13. Warhol Chanel Bathroom
  14. Fresco Bathroom
  15. Poseidon Suite Bathroom
  16. Post Ranch Inn Bathroom
  17. Million Dollar Bathtub
  18. Coolest Cafe Bathroom
  19. Glass-bottomed Bathtub
  20. Ritz Carlton
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