How To Process Your Pension As A Civil Servants in Kenya

Pension Processing in Kenya

Are you a civil servant? Do you want to process your pension in Kenya?.

If your answer is Yes!

Keep reading below.

Before you can process your pension, you need to meet certain requirements.

Here are the requirements to process a pension in Kenya as a civil servant.

Pension Processing Requirements (TSC):

For TSC, you will need the following.

  • A filled TSC clearance certificate
  • 2 copies of bank plate (both sides)
  • 2 copies of National ID card (both sides)
  • Copies of marriage certificate

(affidavits to confirm names for married teachers whose documents have different names).

Recommendation: For teachers who served as untrained teachers to attach NSSF statement

  • 2 copies of KRA PIN certificate
  • Fully completed commute pension form in duplicate
  • A fully completed lump sum payment form (bank form)
  • 2 copies each of all promotion letters/ certificates
  • You might also need the earliest copy of pay slip showing Women’s and children’s Pension Scheme (WCPS) deductions for male teachers

If you are wondering how long it will take you to get or receive your pension money.

Here is a short answer.

Your pension fund will be sent directly to you (the beneficiary) through your bank account.

This is after you have retired and all the required documents are provided successfully.

Your pension will be delivered to you almost immediately, but incase of any delays, the pension department will most certainly provide you with a legitimate reason for the delay.

Other things that may cause your pension to delay include:

  • Missing/inaccurate documents
  • Wrongly submitted documents
  • You are not yet 60 years according to the department
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Unless otherwise, civil servants especially teachers retire at 60 years of age.

That’s when you can start receiving your pension money.

All retired civil servants receive their due from the Pensions Department which is under The National Treasury of the Republic of Kenya.

The National Treasury Department role is to pay pension funds to Civil Servants (like you), Police Officers, Teachers, Military, Members of Parliament, The President of Kenya and their departments.

One can easily request their pension funds following their employers guidelines for Pension processing.

A notice may be issued to a civil servant commonly 2 years before one retires.

Upon receipt of the retirement notice the teacher (civil servant) is required to forward the following documents, accurately confirmed to avoid any confusion or delays.

  • Commute a fraction of his/her pension up to a quarter.
  • Confirm Tax status with KRA and settle any tax liability.
  • Forward all the required documents listed in the notice.
  • Indicate full particulars of his/her bank account in the bank forms.

For an unanswered questions, please reach out to the officials, they will be glad to help.

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