How To Spot Fake Designer Clothes and Sneakers in Kenya

Here is how to check if the shoes or the designer clothes you are about to buy in Kenya are original or fake.

We have listed down three helpful ways to spot a fake clothe or a sneaker in Kenya.

A lot of Kenyans have fallen into the trap of these fake people selling fake shoes and clothes to them, but you are lucky if you are here before purchasing a new sneaker or designer clothes.

Here are the 3 best ways to spot fake designer clothes or a sneaker.

Fake things will look almost identical to the original ones, so pay attention to the following list and consider everything you read here before you can purchase a new product thinking its the original one.

Here is how to know if a sneaker or a clothes is original.

How to spot fake designer clothes and sneakers:


Fake clothes and shoes have a very similar material to the original ones, but to be on the safe side and ensure you only buy original ones, always feel the texture of the material of the item you are about to purchase.

For example, for clothes, there is simply no way an original designer clothe will have loose threads, so if you spot that by any chance, think again.

Quality matters, quality comes first when it comes to these designer clothings, be sure to confirm before purchasing.


The truth is, cheap is expensive, if it is cheap, it is going to cost you a lot more.

You might as well buy the most expensive ones and never spend money on them again.

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If the sneakers or the clothes you are about to buy have way cheaper price than usual, that should raise eyeballs.

Think about it, if it was really that good, it would be that expensive, but if you see something tagged, with like an 80% off price. That’s not it.


If you are buying original products, the seller probably knows they are selling original products, and in that case they will only go and rent a shop where they know, and they are sure people will be able to afford them.

What does that mean? It means if you are looking for an original sneaker, or designer outfit, you are more likely to go to a mall, than a local duka “store” downtown. Right?.
No offense to these stores though.

Always consider the location of the seller, no business owner on their right mind will start their shop where no one in the area can afford it, if it’s on a mall, chances are only people coming to the mall can be able to afford what they are selling, if it’s downtown, then that means it’s priced and targeted for people downtown.

Also remember to check for the designer location, if the item is made in China,,, problem.

Most designer clothes are made from European countries, always remember that.

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