Top 10 Most Expensive Cities In The World 2023

World’s most expensive cities

What’s the most expensive city in the world?.

Ever wondered which city from all countries globally is currently the world’s most expensive city to live in today?.

Find out from this article the top 10 cities in the world that are respected and top ranked when it comes down to the most expensive cities.

With respect to each city’s cost of living, these are the top 10 most expensive cities to live in the world.

Cost of living is the cost of maintaining a certain standard of living. Changes in the cost of living over time are often operationalized in a cost-of-living index.

Cost of living calculations are also used to compare the cost of maintaining a certain standard of living in different geographic areas, in this case, cities.

Basic cost-of-living expenses include housing, food, transportation, child care, health care and other necessities, according to the Economic Policy Institute.

Cost-of-living expenses can vary from person to person because of factors like lifestyle and family size.

But in general, cities that you will spend more money to live in today compared to any other city in the world are as follows.

These cities require you to earn more money or have extra money to live in the city because of its high cost of living, making them expensive cities.

With that being said, compared to all the cities globally, these are the top 10 most expensive cities to live in today, Ranked.

World’s Most Expensive Cities To Live In Today:

  1. Hong Kong
  2. Paris, France 🇫🇷
  3. Zurich, Switzerland 🇨🇭
  4. Oslo, Norway 🇳🇴
  5. Geneva, Switzerland 🇨🇭
  6. Seoul, South Korea
  7. Copenhagen, Denmark 🇩🇰
  8. Tel Aviv, Israel 🇮🇱
  9. Sydney, Australia 🇦🇺
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