Top 10 Best Movie Theaters In Kenya 2023

Movie Theaters in Kenya

These are the top 10 best places to watch your favourite movies and shows in Kenya.

Before looking at the list ranking of the top 10 best movie theaters in the country, let’s first answer a couple of questions…. What’s a movie theater?.

A movie theater (American English), Cinema (British English), or Cinema Hall (Indian English).

Also known as a movie house, picture house, the movies, the pictures, picture theater, the silver screen, the big screen, or simply theater is a building that contains auditoria for viewing films (movies) for public entertainment.

In Kenya, not all but most movie theaters are commercial operations catering to the general public, who attend by purchasing tickets either online or physically.

What is the difference between movie cinema and theatre?

The main difference between theatre and cinema is that theatre involves live performances like plays, opera, ballet, and musical theatre, while cinema involves films.

Both of these have their own pros and cons, and some people prefer the cinema over the theatre, and vice versa.

Focusing on movie theaters in Kenya including in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu just to mention a few major cities.

These are currently the best ranked by Kenyan Magazine from the top to the 10th most recommend movie theater in Kenya and their physical location.

Best Places To Watch Movies In Kenya:

1. Imax Century Cinemax Garden City

Location: Roysambu Off Exit 7 Thika Rd Nairobi garden city mall

Located in: Garden City Mall

0796 299992

2. Century Cinemax Junction

Location: Junction Mall Parking Hall, Ngong Rd, Nairobi

Located in: The Junction Mall

0700 326726

3. Nyali Cinemax

Location: Nyali Rd, Mombasa

0786 470007

4. Anga Sky Cinema

Location: Panari Sky Centre, Mombasa Road, Nairobi

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0735 632534

5. Westgate Cinema

Location: Mwanzi Rd, Nairobi

Located in: Westgate Shopping Mall

0729 210310

6. Century Cinemax Two Rivers

Location: Located in: Two Rivers

0112 955750

7. Prestige Cinemas

Location: Ngong Road

Located in: Prestige Plaza Shopping Mall

0717 602246

8. Motion Cinemas

Location: Greenspan Mall, 3rd Floor

Located in: Greenspan estate

0700 945945

9. Mega Cinemas, Kisumu

Location: Kisumu

Located in: Nakumatt Mega

0733 889249

10. Rupa Cinemas, Eldoret

Location: Eldoret

Located in: Rupa’s Mall

020 2550550

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