List Of All Sheng Words For Money In Kenya With Meanings 2024

Sheng words for money

Here is a list of Sheng words and names for different types/amounts of money in Kenya and we have also included each Sheng word and it’s meaning.

Sheng is extremely popular in Kenya especially in the streets and you need to know these sheng words for money because Kenyans use them daily and if you don’t know them you’ll be left hanging or conned like pay more or receive less change.

In this article, you will find list of Sheng words that refer to money in different amounts.

Most of these words you will hear them in a Matatu, Stage, Kibanda, Local markets, Bars, some restaurants, in a M-pesa shop, in Universities in Kenya, talking to high school students, in major places/streets in Kenya such as Rongai, Kayole, Umoja, CBD, Dandora, Thika, Ngong, Kibra etc. Basically everywhere money is used.

With the help of Kenyans and deep Sheng speakers in Kenya, we have come up with a list of all the popular and old school Sheng words for money that you will definitely come across as you interact with Kenyans.

With that being put across, below are name of money in Sheng and their meanings in amount for your convenience.

Listed in no particular order, never get left hanging again when it comes to the amount of money mentioned in Sheng.

Popular Sheng Words For Money:

  1. Kioo – Ksh. 100
  2. Ashara – Ksh. 10
  3. Ashu – Ksh. 10
  4. Maziwa – Money
  5. Mukuchu – Alot of Money
  6. Mbecha – Money
  7. Doh – Money
  8. Ganji – Money
  9. Mkwanja – Money
  10. Chapaa – Money
  11. Baroda – Money
  12. Cheddah – Money
  13. Ndururu – Cents
  14. Oruuro – 5cents
  15. Blue – Ksh. 20
  16. Kobole – Ksh. 5
  17. Fiyuu – No Money (broke)
  18. Ruabe – Ksh. 200
  19. Jirongo – Ksh. 500
  20. Ngwanye – Ksh. 1K
  21. Ndovu – Ksh. 1K
  22. Brown – Ksh. 1K
  23. Mita – Million
  24. Mita Sita – Ksh. 6 Million
  25. Chwani – Ksh. 50
  26. Kakitu – Small amount of Money
  27. Mulah – Money
  28. Soo – Ksh. 100
  29. Beshaa – Money
  30. Punch – Ksh. 500
  31. Thao – Ksh. 1K
  32. Soo Nne – Ksh. 400
  33. Empepe – M-pesa, Mobile Money by Safaricom
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