Best Sheng Pick Up Lines Ever and How To Flirt 2022

Sheng Lines and how to Flirt in sheng

Sasa wacha tukue serious kiasi, Kizungu kando tubonge kama ma morio… When it comes to Sheng, what are the best Sheng Pick Up Lines ever?.

If you are looking for the best sheng pick up lines, sheng quotes and the best Kiswahili lines to tell your crush, Bro/Siz you are in the right place.

In this article, we have listed all the best pick up lines in Kenya in sheng or Kenyan Swahili.

Sheng is seductive if you think about it, it is very unique and strong at the same time comes out smooth when said the right way, at the right time.

Talking about the right time, do you know that a pick up line, especially a sheng pick up line will hit different if said at the right time, the correct way?.

Want to pick up a Kenyan? Even if they are from the urban area or a Kenyan ghetto, these are the best pick up lines to use today.

One of the best things about this pure Sheng Pick Up Lines is that any gender can use it.

If you are a guy, you can use these Sheng pick up lines in Kenya to pick up a Kenyan girl or any girl from any country who understands Sheng, of course.

Even if you are a lady trying to use these Sheng lines to pick up a dude you like, no worries, these lines can be used by anyone, girls or boys, just be smart on how you frame them.

Now, with that being said, how do you actually pick up someone using Sheng Pick Up Lines?.

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Here is how…

How To Flirt In Sheng:

How do you use Kenyan sheng to flirt with your ka spacial someone?.

First of all, if you want to flirt in sheng, you need to understand a couple of things.

The first thing to understand is that sheng can get tricky, so make sure the person you are flirting with, at least has some idea of what you are saying.

Second, sheng can come out strong sometimes, so make sure to filter your words where appropriate to make sure they fall for you.

The last thing is that, go for it, once you have your sheng pick up line ready, don’t think about it, we only live once… So shot your shot ASAP.

So how can I flirt in Sheng?.

There are two ways to flirt in Sheng;

  • By Text (Through Texting or WhatsAppping the person using Sheng Lines)
  • In Person (By physically approaching the girl/guy and let them know how you feel) this one is highly recommended.

To Katia (flirt) a girl through text messages in sheng simply text her your sheng lines during a fluent conversation.

Make sure she knows or expects some nusty texts, inaitwa (it’s called) to test her waters.

Usiku (At Night) is the best time to use sheng pick up lines on a Kenyan lady, she will feel it better than you texting her during the day, most people are busy and all over the place during day time.

How to flirt in sheng physically (in person), here are some awesome tips for you when flirting with a Kenyan crush.

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  • Make it friendly, use lasting eye contact with a natural smile.
  • Approach her from the front.
  • Use appropriate touch to show Interest (depends on the relationship, don’t be touchy if you guys just met).
  • Use playful teasing to your advantage.
  • Read Signals and Take a Hint [Kua Mjanja (be smart)]
  • Incase there was an interpretation or you got a bit scared, just give her compliments (naturally) before using your Sheng pick up line.

Below are the best Sheng Pick Up Lines in Kenya, they include, Kenyan Ghetto pick up lines, Latest Sheng Mistari, Mafisi Pick up lines among others.

These are the best Kenyan Mistari To Use Today.

Best Sheng Pick Up Lines:

Msupa, kwani wewe ni Adabu.. Ju natamani kukuShika

Peng Ting? Kwani ukona Kiu… Ju Umenikunywa

Unapenda Avocado?… Basi si Ucome Over Tu Cado

Baby, kwani what’s cooking?… Ju Umeiva

Niaje? Ka unge kua fruit, unge kua Fineapple

Sasa? Naona hii Mstari ni Refu… Naeza Kukatia?

Mambo? Kwani una hama leo?… Ju Umebeba

Mambo? We ni mchoyo?… So unaeza nipea?

Unafanya kazi KPLC?.. Coz you light up my heart

Msupa? Ukona Mr….. Ju Mistakuacha

Naje? Imagine leo sina Airtime… Lakini ushaniBamba!

Sasa? Naeza penda kukuKiss in the rain, ndo uget wet twice

Kwani ukona kampuni ya Kifuli?… Ju nataka kufunga ndoa na wewe

Niki kuangalia tu, nasikia kurarua nguo zako kama pazia za hekalu

Kwani we huishi kwa pit? Ju kunavile nakutakataka

Mambo? Kwani we ni m-pesa agent?.. Ju nataka kuweka nikitoa ndani

Leo mi ni undersize shoe,

Kwani we ni ‘Amos’ ju me ni ‘Wako’

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We update this article frequently with more spicy and new sheng pick up lines, so be sure to come back later for more sheng pick up lines in Kenya.

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