200+ Sheng Words and Their Meanings 2023

Sheng Words And Their Meanings

Here is a list of all the most popular and trending Sheng Words and their meanings in English.

Sheng is actually one of the most used language in Kenya today especially among the youths and in Kenyan streets, including songs.

If you listen to most Kenyan songs you might have to know and understand Sheng well enough for you to be able to understand and enjoy the music.

With that being said, sasa wacha niwapeleke na mtrrr (mtaratara).

English Translation: with that being said, now let me show you what’s poppin’.

In this article, we have listed all the Sheng words that you will probably hear anywhere in Kenya, both in the ghetto and in Urban areas not forgetting the rural areas in the country.

Each Sheng words is followed by it’s actual meaning in English, this is a Sheng Dictionary for people who want to know popular Sheng words and the most trending Sheng words.

Usi wahi achwa nyuma, (don’t ever get left behind), read the most trending and the latest Sheng words with their meanings this year below.

These Sheng words and Sheng Sayings include, latest Sheng words, new Sheng words, tending Sheng words and popular Sheng words.

Here are Sheng words in Kenya and their English meanings explained.

Sheng Words and Their Meanings:

Kanairo – means Nairobi City

Mta – means home

Mboka – means a job

Riang/Rieng – means what’s up

Vuva – means to meditate over weed or Marijuana

Mraa – means your hustle

Kindukulu – means marijuana/Weed or cannabis sativa

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Mbichwa – means something new (mbichi)

Saigon – means a police officer

Jongo – means a hundred Bob (Ksh. 100)

Kioo – means Ksh. 100

Morio – means a male friend

Dem – means a girl (young woman)

Mushatha/Moshatha/ocha – means upcountry (in the village)

Gwaya – means to fear

Kiombitho – means cannabis sativa or marijuana

Monchoka – means to come or come over, in other cases it may mean to drink alcohol

Manambling – means haters

Mtiaji – means a snitch

Kimonyoski – means a group of people who typically have common interest

Mbogi – means a group of people

Ngunga – means cannabis sativa

Ririma – means smoking or taking cannabis

Bazu – means a respected person, or someone considered a big man/a leader

Donga – means your boss or a CEO

Mbulu – means television

Mbuku – means a book

Bazenga – means someone who people like and respect too

Rotejo – means your house

Kidi – means a dangerous weapon such as a gun

Mokoro – means a mother or you can also use it to refer to a woman who’s a bit older

Siz – means a sister

Bro – means a brother

Rwabe – means two hundred (Ksh. 200)

Ikus – means the private part of a woman

Manze – means you want to start or continue with a conversation or you are a bit surprised

Manzi – means a girl

Kiki – means clout

Nyandua – means to get intimate

Banja – means to talk/speak

Zoza – means to start trouble

Jaba – means khat or Miraa

Ndom – means weed

Mjulubeng – means the private part of a man

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Poko – means a prostitute

Riba – means a story

Mamu/denge/quella/ – means a beautiful woman

Tulutulu/Mulika mwizi – means an old school phone which is not a smartphone

Doh/Chapaa/Cheddar/ – means money

Kinde/Ashu – means ten Bob (Ksh. 10)

Chuani/Finje – means fifty Bob (Ksh. 50)

Lamba Lolo – means licking a lollipop

Mode – means a teacher

Cheza chini – means playing it cool/to chill out

Ndula – means shoes

Jipin – means to get the necessary protection

Uradi – means the way forward or an interesting plan

Form – means to ask ‘what’s up/what’s popping’ or to have a plan of what’s up

Kanambo – means Vybz Kartel (riddim musician)

Hessy –means a police officer

Karao – means a police

Fathe/Fathela – means someone who is respected, a male person

Kolo – means weed

Riambez – means a cute girl

Mbleina – means someone who is absent minded or knows nothing, or it may also mean a bad person

Shada – means a roll of weed

Luku – means dressing or dressed in a fashionable and elegant style

Tispo – means sports

Omoka/Kuomoka – means getting rich or making to make it in life

Mavela – means khat/miraa

Makali – means Gin or strong alcoholic drinks

Chingri – means alcohol

Mathree/ma3 – means a Kenyan matatu

Mrenga – means a car

Zabe – means a place or location where people or friends go to hang out or chill

Mzinga – means a new full bottle of an alcoholic drink

Oyole – means Kayole

Thutha – means behind

Choche – means a secret hide out or a hidden place

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Zing/Mzing – means someone you know

Warena – means a flashy lifestyle

Rada – means what’s up, or whats going on, or what’s popping

Thiang’ – means a smartphone or a fancy/expensive phone

Ngusu – means cannabis sativa or marijuana

Pinji – means basically a thief, a person who steals or snatches people’s things like phones or handbags

Tonje/Tenje – means a mobile phone

Ganda – means to die (in some cases, Ganda might also mean to Beat Up Someone. EG; Nta ku Ganda, means I will beat you)

Nyuria – means to die or death

Mpoa – means a cute or awesome

Ngasha – means to take a shower or to take a bath

Purura – means to play

Vayolens – means violence or chaos

Imbo – means something that is NOT original, fake

Wamocho – means to take alcohol

Muoket/Muok – means to come

Ganji/Maganji – means money

Stoko – means stock

Mrazi – means a traitor or a secret spoiler

Kwani ni Kesho – means you are doing something today and not tomorrow, it basically means whatever you are doing can’t wait (Kiswahili: is it tomorrow?)

Lele – means lesbianism or a lesbian

Njoti – Means groundnuts

Chora Saba – means to bend over or to twerk

Oyaa! – means calling someone you don’t or forgot their name

Buda – means a father or a you can also use it to refer to a male person

New Sheng words are randomly added on this article almost every week, as new, trending and the latest Sheng comes up.

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