50+ Shembeteng Words and Their Meanings 2023

Shembeteng Words And their meanings (Shembeteng Dictionary)

Mi nakuambia Sheng hi Kenya ina evolve almost daily.

What are the most popular Shembeteng words and sayings in Kenya today and what do they actually mean?.

In an English translation, here is the latest list of the most recent Shembeteng words, most used Shembeteng words, popular Shembeteng words, most trending Shembeteng words and the new Shembeteng words in the country today.

If you are having a hard time understanding Shembeteng language, we are here to help.

In a nutshell, below is the meaning and simple explanation of what Shembeteng is and how to use it correctly in Kenya.

What’s the meaning of Shembeteng?:

Basically, Shembeteng is adding extra words to the normal sheng words to make them longer than usual, purposely to hide the meaning of the word from regular people to understand.

For instance, if two people are talking in Sheng and there is a third person listening to their conversation, the two guys can use Shembeteng language and words to plan anything without the other guy understanding sh*t.

Popular words that are used to make Shembeteng words longer include;

  • Mboto
  • Mbata
  • Mbiti
  • Mbete
  • Mbutu etc.

Here are a couple of Shembeteng examples used in a sentence, including the words above.

Shembeteng Example in a Sentence:

In this Shembeteng word sentences example, we will use MBETE to say SHENG.

  • Example In English Language: I’m a person who understands Sheng Completely.
  • Example In Kiswahili Language: mi ni mtu ambaye na elewa Sheng kabisa.
  • Example In Shembeteng Language: I’m a person who understands Shembeteng completely.

So you add MBETE inside SHENG to make it SheMBETEng.

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Another example;

  • Example In English Language: I Love You more than anything in this world.
  • Example In Kiswahili Language: Nakupenda kuliko kitu chochote duniani.
  • Example In Shembeteng Language: Naku Lombotove more than anything in this world.

So you add MBOTO inside LOVE to make it loMBOTOve

With that being said, here are all the latest SheMBETEng words and their meanings in English.

This article is a Shembeteng Dictionary for Shembeteng words this year from the latest to trending and popular Shembeteng sayings.

Shembeteng Words and Their Meanings:

Naskimbitia – means I can hear

Nakulombotove – means I love you

Mazembete – means girls 

Mzimbiting – means an older man or a father/dad

Lumbutuku – means dressing smart (Kupiga Luku)

Kizumbutungu – means English (Kizungu)

Mshombotosh – means a grandmother (Shosho)

Mrombotoko – means a mother (Mokoro)

Jimbitinga – means stupid (Jinga)

Rumbutungu – means money

Kuntaka – means a fool 

Zombotote – means all of it 

Nakuhambatate – means I hate you

Kiambatasi – means A Little

Wambatangu – means Mine 

Fomboto – means follow

Gembeteto – means ghetto

Jembeteshi – means a group or a gang

Lumbutuga – means a language

Majumbutu – means abroad (Majuu)

Mbatoyoyo – means f*ck you in English

Mkasembete – means a person who speaks in Kamba language (Mkamba)

Mafambatans – means fans

Jamambataica – means Jamaica

Ndumbututhi – means a motorcycle (Boda Boda/Nduthi)

Rotembetejo – means your area

Arimbif – means a friend

Shimbitikwa – means to get arrested

Yambatako – means Yours (Yako)

Kayombotole – means Kayole in Shembeteng

Madombotocho – means another name for Madocho in Shembeteng language

Mkisimbiti – means a person who speaks in Kisii language (Mkisii)

Gembetenge – means ngeli ya genge

New Shembeteng words are randomly added on this Shembeteng Dictionary almost every week, as new, trending and the latest Shembeteng come up.

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