List Of Similarities Between Christianity and Islam 2023

Similarities between Muslims and Christians

What are some of the similarities between Christianity and Islam?.

Stick around to find out more about what the Christians and the Islamic religion have in common, some of these similarities will definitely surprise you.

For many years, Christianity and Islam are recognised as the two largest religions in the world.

Today there are over 2.2 billion Muslims in the entire world and 2.7 billion Christians.

What are the similarities between Christianity and Islam?

To answer this question, here is the list of similarities between the two largest religions in the world namely Christianity and Islamic religion respectively.

Similarities Between Muslims and Christians:

  1. Christians and Muslims believe that Jesus was born to Mary, a virgin.
  2. Both Christians and Muslims believe that Jesus will return from Heaven.
  3. Christians and Muslims both believe that there is only one God (Unlike Hinduism).
  4. They both believe that all humans are children of God.
  5. Both believe that Jesus was a prophet who performed miracles!
  6. Both religions are Abrahamic religions – meaning that they descended from Judaism and the worship of the God of Abraham.
  7. Christians and Muslims believe that practising their religion is good for them because it creates harmony and peace.
  8. Muslims and Christians believe that Satan is real.
  9. They believe that heaven and hell are real places.
  10. Christians and Muslims believe that the body is sacred .
  11. Christians are familiar with the Bible, but Muslims also believe the Bible to be holy scripture insofar as it is translated correctly and does not contradict the Quran.
  12. Both Islam and Christianity both ascribe that Jesus Christ was the promised Messiah and did perform miracles.
  13. Muslims and Christians believe God connects with His people through covenants.
  14. They both belive that Family is a foundational part of both Christian and Muslim life.
  15. Muslims and some Christians have codes of health such as not drinking alcohol or not eating certain foods.
  16. Both Muslims and Christians may wear sacred clothing as signs of covenants made with God.
  17. They both believe in the afterlife.
  18. Both religions believe that humans will have a day of judgement .
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