StarTimes Kenya: StarTimes Packages and their Prices 2023

StarTimes Kenya

StarTimes Kenya list of packages and their respective prices in Kenya 2021. StarTimes Kenya: StarTimes Packages and their Prices – 2021

StarTimes Kenya is flexible when it comes to offering various packages to Kenyans who want to use StarTimes decoder in their homes.

Most of their packages are fairly cheap to purchase and enjoy all the channels in the packages.

StarTimes Kenya Packages, different packages have different price range. That’s why we have come up with the complete list of all StarTimes Kenya packages and their prices in Kenya as of 2021.

Below is a list of StarTimes Kenya packages and their prices.

StarTimes Kenya Packages and their Prices:

StarTimes Kenya: Nyota Bouquet

Nyota Bouquet is actually the most affordable package offered by StarTimes Kenya.

Not to mention that this is the cheapest package you can ever find in the the pay-TV decoder industry. The package with the lowest price tag.

StarTimes Kenya offers Nyota Bouquet in Kenya for only Ksh.299 per month.

The Nyota Bouquet has 17 amazing channels, from local to kids channels and sports, they are all available in the package.

StarTimes Kenya: Basic Bouquet

Basic bouquet can be considered the second most affordable package for StarTimes Kenya subscribers.

It has more channels that the Nyota Bouquet.

Currently in Kenya, StarTimes Kenya offers The Basic Bouquet for only Ksh.599 monthly.

Basic Bouquet includes most famous international channels like BBC among other 20 unique channels.

StarTimes Kenya: Classic Bouquet

The third package offered by StarTimes Kenya is the Classic Bouquet.

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As expected, this package consists of way more channels in it that the first two mentioned above.

The Classic Bouquet is available in Kenya and it is offered by StarTimes Kenya at only Ksh.749 every month.

The StarTimes Classic Bouquet has high quality channels and some of the world’s best TV shows are available 24/7 on your TV. Both international and local channels are available.

StarTimes Kenya: Dish Bouquets

Another package offered by StarTimes Kenya is the Dish Bouquet. This is primarily for those who want a satellite TV in their homes.

This package comes with a satellite dish which will be installed in your house by StarTimes Kenya expertise after purchasing the package from StarTimes Kenya.

StarTimes Kenya: Nova Bouquet

Nova Bouquet is also a satellite package offered by StarTimes Kenya. According to the other satellite packages offered by StarTimes Kenya, the Nova Bouquet is the cheapest of all. Very affordable satellite TV package.

StarTimes Nova bouquet consists of around 30 television channels. Both local channels and international channels.

Entertainment will never stop on your TV with this package. StarTimes Kenya offers the Nova package at only Ksh.449 per month.

StarTimes Kenya: Smart Bouquet

If you want a package that offers a lot of different and unique channels to choose from, this might be the right StarTimes Kenya package for you.

StarTimes Smart Bouquet package offers nothing less than 32 high quality TV channels.

In Kenya, you can purchase this Smart Bouquet offered by StarTimes Kenya at only Ksh.899 monthly.

StarTimes Kenya: Super Bouquet

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In the Super Bouquet package, we are talking premium world-class channels available to you every single day on your TV.

Endless entertainment and up-to-date news around the world. The StarTimes Super Bouquet in Kenya goes for only Ksh. 1,499 per month.

Super Bouquet has a ton of premium world-class TV that will ensure you enjoy the time you spend watching TV.

StarTimes Kenya: Chinese Bouquet

Chinese Bouquet is basically targeting the StarTimes Kenya Customers/Subscribers who want to watch highly Chinese-focused channels.

The Chinese Boutique is offered in Kenya by StarTimes Kenya at only Ksh.1,999. If you are a Chinese lover, this package will literally give you the best quality Chinese channels you could ever think of.

The Chinese Bouquet despite its name, it is available in Kenya for Kenyan families to subscribe too.

Above is the list of StarTimes packages and their prices (respectively) that are available in Kenya in 2021.

We will keep updating this post for you to consume up-to-date content from our website.

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