25+ Best Sun Pick Up Lines

Sun pick up lines

When it comes to pick up lines, you really have to know which pick up lines to use depending on the situation and definitely the weather too.

So if the weather is sunny, here are the best, cheesiest, funniest and most relatable sun pick up lines to flirt when there is sun on top of your heads.

Sun Pick Up Lines:

Let’s face it, I think the sun must be jealous of you right now, because you are so hot.

Let me take it that you are the captain of the sun. 

I’ve always thought that hell is the only thing hotter than the sun but that has all changed today. 

Are you having sunblock in your pocket or that smile is for seeing me?

Is that a mirror in your pocket or a stream of sweat pouring down your thighs because you are hot?

Is this room hot or it’s just you?

If you were a heavenly body you would be the sun because you are so hot. 

Were it not for the summer sun, you would be the hottest thing in the world. 

I’m not very good at sun bathing, do you have any experience because I want to take full advantage of it. 

This sun is so hot but I didn’t carry my towel. Can I share yours?

Would you like to have the European version of sunbathing? 

Is there a fireman around? Because you are smoking hot. 

I don’t need to cool off; I love how you are hot. 

Hey pretty, the sun isn’t the only hot thing that rises. Will you come over to my place?.

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You are so hot that I want us to have some cold shower together. 

I could cook my carrot in you because you are so hot. 

Your beauty is blinding. 

You can make your own ice cream. 

Let me call you my sunshine and my rain because you make me hot and wet. 

You and the sun have one thing in common. You are both hot. 

You should go back to my house and make it hot. It was so cold at night. 

The only thing hotter than your body is the sun. 

You look like the sun but act like rain. You make me wet. 

Are your lips sunburned? Because I would like to help them. 

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