Top 10 Best Institutions Offering Journalism and Media Courses In Kenya

Best Institutions Offering Journalism and Media Courses In Kenya

What are the best Kenyan institutions that offer journalism and media related courses in Kenya.

Here is the list of the top 10 best colleges and universities in Kenya offering journalism and media related programs in their institutions.

In Kenya, there are a number of institutions that offer journalism courses, but not all of them are the best when it comes to academic performance, advanced education systems, professional staff, reliable education systems that is going to help you pursue your career smoothly and eventually succeed.

If you are a student looking for the best colleges in Kenya that offer journalism courses and media related courses in Kenya that are dedicated in providing the best education possible to their students.

In this article we have listed, the top 10 best Kenyan institutions that offer these courses.

With that said, below is the list of the best schools in Kenya that offer Journalism courses as well as any other media related course.

Best Journalism & Media Colleges In Kenya:

1. Kenya Institute Of Mass Communication (KIMC)

The Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) is a leading Journalism college in Kenya.

The institution is one of the most recommended colleges in Kenya for journalism and media related programs.

The KIMC is located in Shikanga in South B along Melili Road near Shimo La Tewa in Nairobi.

If you are looking for a reliable Journalism College, this should be in your list of schools.

2. Daystar University

The Daystar University of Kenya is one of the best universities in the country that produces highly skilled and qualified professionals in the media industry.

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The university has a strong reputation and it has also produced renowned media personalities in Kenya such as Larry Madowo, Johnson Mwakazi, Waihiga Mwaura, Lizz Ntojira just to name a few.

The institution offers all known media related programs in Kenya.

The Daystar University is located in Nairobi along Mbagathi way.

3. Multimedia University (MMU)

The Multimedia University of Kenya is among the most recommended Kenyan institutions offering journalism and media related courses in the institution.

The university is among the top universities in Kenya with highly qualified professionals and technology improved learning materials.

The institution runs its own radio station in Kenya that is making Kenya airwaves especially in the area that the school is located. That is in, Rongai, Bomas, Kiserian and other neighboring locations.

4. East Africa School Of Journalism

The East Africa School of Journalism is one of the best media related institutions in Kenya.

The institution has a good reputation and it is among the top colleges in Kenya that offer Journalism courses.

If you are looking for a journalism college in Kenya that is affordable and uses advanced technology for media programs, this institution should be one of the colleges to consider.

5. Zetech College Media School

The Zetech College Media School has been producing highly qualified professionals since its first year of establishment.

The private college is one of the most dedicated colleges in Kenya and highly focused on media and the related topics.

6. Jkuat University

The Jkuat Media institutions is a leading public institution in Kenya in media related courses.

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The institution has one of the best learning environments and reliable lecturers who are dedicated in helping you succeed in your media career in Kenya.

You should definitely consider JKUAT while looking for a good media institution to join this year.

7. University Of Nairobi

The University of Nairobi (UoN) is a very good institution to pursue journalism and media related careers in Kenya.

This institution is among the most recognized institutions in Africa offering the best education to all students enrolled in the school.

8. Mt. Kenya University

The Mount Kenya University is another great university in Kenya that offers media related courses that you can be sure to graduate, from the University with good grades and highly skilled.

If you want to join a Kenyan university that is highly qualified for media related programs and produces qualified candidates every year, this is one of those universities in the country.

9. Riara University

The Riara University is one of the best universities in Kenya to pursue a media related career in the country.

The well established institution offers high standards education to all their enrolled students which makes the school produce highly qualified professionals every year.

10. Technical University Of Kenya

The Technical University of Kenya (TUK) is among the most reliable colleges in Kenya to pursue your career.

The institution has been gaining a good reputation for the past several years when it comes to media related programs.

Those are some of the best institutions to join in Kenya and pursue your Journalism & Media career.

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