Top 10 Highest Paid Golfers In The World and Their Salary 2023

Highest-paid Golfers In the world

Who is the world’s highest paid golf player today?.

Here is the list of the top ten Highest-paid golfers in the entire world as of this year, including their income.

It is no doubt that golf has an audience that is rich. As a matter of fact, the average household income for golf TV viewers (fans) is around $80,000 in the USA alone.

This means that golf tops football, baseball and basketball, when it comes to wealthy fans.

Another report indicates that golf fans are way more likely to buy equipments, cars, golf apparel, watches, tickets and other related items.

With millions of dollars flowing in the golf industry this way, there are golf players that make a huge percentage of it, these golfers make millions just by playing golf.

This year, the highest paid golfers are male golfers only (PGA Tours).

If you are a golf player or a huge golf fan, in this article we have listed down the top 10 world’s highest paid golfers this year, just for you.

Below are the PGA Tour Highest-paid Golf Players ranked from the number one Highest-paid golf player in the world to the tenth highest paid golfer.

As of this year, Tyger Woods is currently the highest paid golfer in the world, closely followed by Phil Mickelson.

Here is the comprehensive list of the world’s highest paid (richest) golfers and their respective salaries/income.

Highest-paid Golfers In The World:

1. Tiger Woods:

Golf star Tyger Woods is the world’s highest paid golf player this year, he has been leading the park as the richest golfer in the world and currently holding the title of the highest paid golf player of all time.

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2. Phil Mickelson

Salary: $46.1 million

Taking the 2nd place as the highest paid golfer in the world is none other than Phil Mickelson.

3. Dustin Johnson

Salary: $40.8 million

Dustin Johnson who is actually one of the best golf players to ever exist is one of the highest paid golfers this year.

4. Rory McIlroy

Salary: $32.8 million

Earning an income of over 32 million dollars, Rory is among the world’s highest paid golf players taking the fourth position this year.

5. Jordan Spieth

Salary: $29.6 million

Talented and dedicated golf player Jordan Spieth is not only one of the the highest-paid golfers in the world but Spieth is also among the top richest golfers.

6. Justin Thomas

Salary: $20.3 million

Making over 20 million dollars this year makes Justin Thomas one of the world’s highest paid golf players.

7. Bryson DeChambeau

Salary: $17.9 million

Taking the 7th position in this list of the world’s Highest-paid golfers is Bryson DeChambeau.

8. Xander Schauffele

Salary: $17.3 million

One of the most respected golfers in the world Xander Schauffele is among the the top highest paid golf players as of this year.

9. Jon Rahm

Salary: $16.9 million

The ninth highest paid golfer is Jon Rahm with respect to this year’s PGA Tour Money Prize list.

10. Hideki Matsuyama

Salary: $15.4 million

Making over fifteen million dollars this year, Hideki is currently the tenth highest paid golfer in the world.

The salary of a golfer as indicated above shows or represents the average amount of money they make.

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Those are currently the top ten highest-paid golf players in the world in the year we are currently in today.

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