Top 20 Best ECDE Colleges In Kenya and Their Locations

Early Childhood and Development Education (ECDE)

What are the best Early Childhood and Development Education (ECDE) Colleges in Kenya?

There are quite a number of Early Childhood and Development Education Colleges in Kenya, but not all of them are the best.

These colleges train teachers on how they can be able to teach young children and easily make them understand what they are being taught.

With the number of ESDE centers in Kenya, it is not easy to find and choose a good college that is dedicated in teaching and training the future teachers in the best ways possible.

That’s why we came up with the list of some of the best ECDE colleges in Kenya that guarantee nothing but to offer the best education and environment for learning.

When it comes to performance and dedication, these ECSE colleges have proven to be the best.

In all the years they have been operating in Kenya, they have produced highly qualified teachers who are more preferred by schools, which means it’s easier for them to get a job.

Before looking at the best ECDE institutions in Kenya, here are the requirements for joining a ECDE College.

ECDE College Requirements:

To be able to join these colleges, you are required to meet certain academic requirements before you can apply and join any Early Childhood and Development Education college listed below.

This qualifications include; Scoring at least a D+ in your KCSE to pursue a certificate course or you can first go through proficiency if you scored below D+.

To pursue a Diploma course in a ECSE college you will need to have at least a C Plain or above in your national exam, KCSE.

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With that being said, below are the best Early Childhood and Development Education Colleges in Kenya and we have also included the county and place they are all located.

Best Performing ECDE Colleges in Kenya:

  • Amicus Teacher Training College

Location: Nairobi

  • Ann’s ECD Teachers College

Location: KISII

  • Tusome Centre

Location: Nairobi

  • Nyanchwa Adventist College

Location: Kisii

  • Nabongo Teachers Training College

Location: Bungoma

  • Nakuru Teachers Training College

Location: Nakuru

  • Bunks Early Childhood Education College

Location: Nairobi

  • Kenya Education Management Institute

Location: Nairobi

  • Kipsigis Teachers Training College

Location: Litein

  • Migori Teachers Training College

Location: Migori

  • Shanzu Teachers Training College (ECDE)

Location: Mombasa

  • Jude’s Technical College

Location: Mumias

  • Tendo Valley Teachers College

Location: Maua

  • Zetech College Pioneer Campus

Location: Nairobi

  • MIT Teachers Training College

Location: Machakos

  • Nyeri Catholic Early Childhood Development Education Teachers Training College (ECDE TTC)

Location: Nyeri

  • Migori Teachers Training College

Location: Migori

  • Kitale Cedar ECDE Teacher Training College,

Location: Kitale

  • Jerusa Teachers Training College, JTTC (ECDE)

Location: Kakamega

  • International Montessori School

Location: Nairobi

  • Elgon View College

Location: Eldoret (Main Campus)

  • Butela Teachers Training College (ECDE)

Location: Butali

  • Baringo Teachers Training College

Location: Seretunin

  • Maragua Teachers Training College

Location: Muranga

  • Othaya Teachers College

Location: Othaya

Those are some of the best ECDE colleges in Kenya, they are all registered and licensed institutions in the country.

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