Top 7 Best (Most Secure) Padlocks In Kenya

Padlocks In Kenya

Padlocks come in handy when securing everything from lockers, outdoor gates, your shop and kiosk, safes to bikes and luggage.

When purchasing a padlock, you must consider what security level you need and what elements the lock will be exposed to.

In Kenya there are many types of padlocks on the market. They come in all sizes, styles, weights, materials, and security levels. But how do you know what is best?

Here’s A Guide On What To Look Out For When Buying A New Padlock In Kenya:

  • Size Matters
  • Choose a padlock size that looks right for the job
  • A chunky body and thick shackle adds strength, the bigger the better
  • It is more resistant to attack, and a visible deterrent
    • The Padlocks Shackle
  • Thickness and strength are key
  • The thicker the shackle, the harder it is to cut through
  • There are open and closed shackle versions
  • Open shackle – exposed above the body lock. Convenient, but easier for thieves to cut through
  • Closed shackle – the body covers part of the shackle for minimum exposure to attack
    • The Padlock Opening Methods
  • General purpose locks have 4 cuts on the key and around 1,000 different keys
  • High security locks have 5 or 6 cuts per key and up to 260,000 different keys

• Combination padlocks use dials to open the lock, no keys to lose

  • General purpose combination padlocks have 4 dials for 10,000 different combinations
  • High security versions have 5 or 6 dials for up to 1million different combinations
    • The Material Used
  • Look for high-quality materials
  • Most locks are made from brass or steel, and vary in construction
  • Such as solid brass, laminated steel, armoured steel, solid hardened steel
  • Brass is a softer metal for general purpose low security
  • Hardened steel is best for attack resistance
  • Hardened boron alloy steel is super tough and incredibly hard to break
    • Padlock That is Weatherproof
  • For outdoor locks, look for weather-resistant materials
  • Such as rustproof stainless steel, electrophoretic finish or locks with polymer covers
  • Check the salt spray test. The higher the rating, the longer the lock should keep working
  • Keyhole cover and also check on Security Ratings
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With that being said, here is our list of the top best and most recommended Padlocks in Kenya for high security.

Mindy Padlocks is currently the best Padlock brand to purchase in Kenya for top notch security.

Best Padlocks In Kenya:

  1. Mindy Padlocks
  2. Mul-t-Lock Padlocks
  3. Oxford Padlocks
  4. Viro Padlocks
  5. Unity Padlocks
  6. Tri-Circle Padlocks
  7. Solex Padlocks
  • listed in no particular order!
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