Top 10 USA States With The Highest High School Graduations 2022

Best states with the highest high school graduation rate

By the percentage of high school graduates rates, what’s the State in America with highest graduation?.

Here are the top 10 states that currently have the most graduates and most successful high school graduations.

The environment you are in will positively or negatively affect your education life.

If you are a high school student or you have a child/children in secondary schools.

Here are the best states for high schoolers to live in for a higher chance of a successful graduation due to the dedicate schools in the states, learning environment and focused student residents.

With that being said, here are the best states in America with the highest graduation rates today.

Montana is the leading State in the United States of America with the highest high school graduation rate today, followed by Alaska, closely.

States With The Most High School Graduation Rates:

  1. Montana – Graduation Rate 94.00%
  2. Alaska – Graduation Rate 93.00%
  3. Maine – Graduation Rate 93.00%
  4. Minnesota – Graduation Rate 93.00%
  5. New Hampshire – Graduation Rate 93.00%
  6. North Dakota – Graduation Rate 93.00%
  7. Vermont – Graduation Rate 93.00%
  8. Wyoming – Graduation 93.00%
  9. Colorado – Graduation Rate 92.00%
  10. Hawaii – Graduation Rate 92.00%
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