Top 10 American States With The Most Powerball Winners 2022

Powerball Winners by state

This year, which state in the US has the highest number of Powerball winners?.

Here are the top 10 states today that have the highest number of winners in Powerball.

Some American State have had no Powerball winners no lottery wins and that has made them not rank among the top 10 in this list.

Because on this article, we have ranked only the top 10 USA States with the most Powerball winners ranked respectively.

Listed by the number of Powerball wins per state.

Below is the ranking of the top ten American State that have the most Powerball winners today.

Indiana is currently the leading American State with the most Powerball winners.

States With The Highest Powerball Winners:

  1. Indiana – 39
  2. Missouri – 31
  3. Minnesota – 22
  4. Kentucky – 18
  5. Pennsylvania – 18
  6. Louisiana – 17
  7. Wisconsin – 17
  8. Arizona – 13
  9. Florida – 13
  10. Kansas – 11
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