List of the Best Weight Loss Foods to Include In Your Diet


List of the Best Weight Loss Foods to Include In Your Diet

When it comes to weight loss. There’s more to put your focus on than just the workouts, exercise and ditching your favorite foods, and that means what you should be eating instead.

Losing weight needs a bit of change in your diet. You need to include your diet with foods that are highly effective in helping you lose weight rather than gaining weight.

Apart from eating a healthy diet that’s good for your health, you also need to eat foods that fill your body with minerals and antioxidants that are responsible in weight loss.

The List of the Best Weight Loss Foods to Include In Your Diet listed below contain vitamins and important properties that help your body burn fat and calories even more fast. That’s what we are going to cover on this post.

Here are the best weight loss foods that you definitely need to include in your diet to boost your body in burning unwanted fat.

If non of these foods are currently included in your diet, we highly suggest changing that asap, choose a couple of foods from this list that you can easily add in your diet and keep eating them for a healthier lifestyle as well as boosting and helping your body burn calories as you try to lose weight.

Here 13 Best Weight Loss Foods to Include In Your Diet

1: Broccoli

One of the best vegetable that is filled with nutritional value that your body needs especially during weight loss.

Broccoli contains vitamin C, vitamin K, Potassium, iron and fiber that’s necessary to help your body out when you are trying to get rid of unwanted fats in your body. Broccoli is also said to contain more protein than a regular vegetable.

Add broccoli in your pasta, eggs or even beverages like juice.

2: Spinach

Spinach is another vegetable that should be in your diet for weight loss. Spinach is very high in fiber and surprisingly very low in carbs.

Including spinach in your diet will ensure you eat a healthy meal that also provides the needed properties to help you lose weight.
Spinach is one of those vegetables that you can eat a lot of, but still naturally minimize your calories intake.

Spinach can be added in your salads and smoothies too. So if you are a vegetarian, definitely include this healthy vegetable in your weight loss diet.

3: Pumpkin

Pumpkins not only make the best soups and smoothies or pasta sauces. But are also helpful when it comes to losing weight.

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The good thing about pumpkins is that they are pretty low in calories. The better part of it is that pumpkin contains nutrients that are perfect for weight loss not mentioning how high pumpkin is, in fiber, your body needs that.

Apart from its naturally flavored taste, eating or drinking pumpkins is one of the things you should NOT miss during a weight loss workout. Always remember that the food you decide to feed your body will highly impact how well or how fast you will lose weight and maintain your desired body weight.

4: Greek Yogurt

Generally, yogurts are healthy. But Greek yogurt are the best choice when in comes to losing weight. Greek yogurt contains ample protein, this protein will make your body feel full for an extended period of time, by doing that, this will lead you from feeling hungry, thus, you will not consume any additional food for a long time.

Aside from that, Greek yogurt is actually also a source of probiotics (naturally). Therefore, Greek yogurt should be included in your weight loss diet plan to assist you as you burn fat and calories to stay healthy and fit.

5: Chia Seeds

Chia seeds, you have probably heard several benefits of Chia seeds before, like it contains nutrients, protein, fiber and omega-3 fats. But if you haven’t yet, it’s time you know just how important Chia seeds are, healthy wise.

Chia seeds are naturally healthy seeds and are said to have the ability of absorbing up to ten times their weight in water.

Do you know what that means? It means that Chia seeds can easily land in your digestive track and keep you very satisfied, this is after consuming just a portion of a meal that contains Chia seeds, keeping you full for longer.

You can add Chia seeds in your salad, yogurt and oatmeal to be more consumable.

6: Green Tea

Are you a fan of green tea? Because well, if you are not, and you are trying to lose weight, you should reconsider your choice.

Green tea is filled with antioxidants. Drinking green tea daily will increase your metabolism.

A cap of green tea can go a long way in assisting you to lose weight than any other tea. Drinking a cup of green tea more frequently will help you burn calories in your body.

Remember, the less the sugar in your tea, the better, do not make your green tea too sweet.

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7: Eggs

One of the most recommended foods in any weight loss program you can find. Eggs are the best food to eat especially when you hit the gym more often.

Eating eggs in the morning can hold your belly for hours maybe even past lunch time. Eggs are nutritious foods that should not miss in any person’s diet plan. According to an egg can have upto 7 grams of protein. Meaning one egg included in your breakfast is better than no egg at all.

Also one more reason to include eggs in your diet is that a study showed that people who ate eggs for breakfast were able to lower their body weight by 60%. Plus they lost upto 65% more weight compared to those people who ate a bagel for breakfast.

That’s a pretty good, enough reason, that eggs are definitely the best food recommended for your diet, when it comes to weight loss.

8: Watermelon

As sweet as it sounds, watermelons can’t miss in your weight loss diet. They will keep you hydrated when you workout to lose weight.

Other than that, watermelon
contains vitamins A, and vitamins C. The list does not end there, watermelon also has anti-inflammatory nutrients such lycopene. Also in case you hard no idea, watermelons contains over 90% water in a single fruit.

9: Oats

For weight loss, it is important to eat foods that are rich in fiber. Oats can help you with that, as it is a very good source of fiber. Not only is it a source of fiber, but Oats work well in supporting internal digestive system. Which means that including oats in your meals will keep you satiated.

So if oats are not part of your weight loss diet plan, consider including them today.

10: Tuna

Another food that should not miss in your weight loss diet is tuna. Tuna is very low in calorie and high in protein, making it an excellent food for weight loss.

Consuming tuna will keep your fat and calories low while at the same time increase protein intake levels.

It will be good to include tuna in your diet, if it is not yet included.

11: Soup

Soup can’t be left out when weight loss is concerned. Eating meals that are low in energy density tend to make people eat fewer calories. Which is actually a good thing for a person who wants to lose weight.

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Did you know that eating foods that contain a lot of soup will help you eat less calories?

Some studies have shown that eating foods filled with soup will make you feel satisfied early, allowing you the freepass, on NOT to consume more calories from meals.

It’s important to note that adding fat to your soup such as coconut milk/water or cream will increase its calorie levels. Be conscious of that.

12: Avocado

Avocados are one of the most highly recommended fruits for general health. This is not including the fact that it is also a good fruit that should NOT miss in a weight loss diet plan.

See here for yourself: 5 amazing benefits an avocado has over other fruits.

Avocado are highly recommended for people who want to lose weight, they also contain fiber which makes them less energy-dense.

Read here on other detailed reasons to include avocado in your diet. It might end up becoming your favorite fruit after reading these amazing health benefits of eating avocado.

But always remember to keep your intake of avocados moderate. Eat healthy.

13: Fruits

Generally, fruits are healthy to eat. When trying to lose weight, anything that you eat should be healthy.

Eating fruits will not only give you healthy benefits but also beauty benefits that include your skin, hair and body.

It is important NOT to forget, to take care of these other things in life, like your skin, hair and all that, while you try to lose weight.

Do not be afraid to Include some of your favorite fruits in your weight loss diet as it’s not a bad idea. Eat more fruits and vegetables that will help you lose weight fast.

Studies have shown that people who eat more fruits tend to be more healthier than people who ignore eating fruits.
With that said, fruits DO contain sugar. But fruits have a low energy density and take a while to chew, which is a good factor.

Wrapping up on List of the Best Weight Loss Foods to Include In Your Diet

One important thing that can not go unmentioned is water.
Although it’s not a food, drinking water is very essential on weight loss.

Losing weight requires you to be preparly hydrated. Drinking a lot of water will help you stay hydrated throughout the day.

There you have it, List of the Best Weight Loss Foods to Include In Your Diet. We hope these information was helpful to you.

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