Where to Read The Finance Bill 2024 in Kenya (PDF Download Available)

Finance bill 2024

The Finance Bill 2024 in Kenya has generated significant interest and public debate. For those looking to access and read the bill, it is available on the Kenya Revenue Authority’s Kenya School of Revenue Administration (KESRA) website. The draft bill, published on May 9, 2024, can be downloaded directly from their repository

The bill includes a variety of tax proposals aimed at generating revenue for the government’s projects. Some notable provisions are the introduction of a Motor Vehicle Tax and adjustments to existing taxes on bread and other goods.

Public participation is a critical aspect of the bill’s review process, and Kenyans are encouraged to scrutinize the proposals and provide their feedback to their elected leaders.

Recent developments show that some controversial tax proposals have been removed due to public pressure. For example, the proposed VAT on bread and certain financial services have been scrapped.

This shows the government’s responsiveness to public concerns, highlighting the importance of citizen engagement in legislative processes

For more details and to access the full text of the Finance Bill 2024, you can visit the iKESRA KRA website or Search it on your preferred search engine.

This exposition is proffered exclusively for edification and should not be construed as professional counsel. It is incumbent upon readers to undertake their own due diligence where requisite.

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