8 Best And Most Amazing Places To Visit In Nakuru

Giraffes in Nakuru

Best Places To Visit In Nakuru!

Nakuru is beautiful, but there are places in Nakuru that are literally mind blowing.

Nakuru is one of Kenya’s most visited and highly recommended tourist destination of all times.

If you are touring in Nakuru, here are the best places to visit in Nakuru that we are sure you will enjoy to the fullest.

Nakuru attracts both local and international tourists because of its unique places, beautiful destinations and parks that you can’t say no to.

In this article we have listed 8 great places to visit on Nakuru when you tour Nakuru County.

Below are our top Pick List of the best places for you to visit next time you visit Nakuru in Kenya.

Best Places To Visit In Nakuru:

1. The Hell’s Gate Park

The Hells Gate Park is topping the list because it simply deserves it

Hell’s gate park gets more returning visitors or tourists that any other places in Nakuru, people love it, so will you.

If you are a wild lover, you will love it even more there, once you visit Hell’s Gate in Nakuru.

Wild animals, gorgeous views, plains, valleys, unique rock towers you name it, it is all wild and beautiful at Hell’s Gate Park, Nakuru.

2. Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park is the place to be when you tour Nakuru.

The National Park is one the most beautiful places you will ever see in a Safari Drive.

You can take beautiful pictures, see the amazing sunset and sunrise if you get there early enough.

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Visit Lake Nakuru National Park and enjoy what Nakuru has to offer. You will not regret it.

3. Menengai Crater

When you talk about Nakuru, you can’t leave Menengai Crater out of the conversation.

The Crater is soo beautiful from a view, way before you even get to the place.

You will enjoy the amazing views from anywhere you choose to enjoy the captivating view from.

The view from above is priceless, you are able to see the beautiful city and lake from the top.

You can take beautiful pictures and make memories that will last forever. Once you visit, you will want to go back again and again.

4. Crescent Island Game Sanctuary

If fan is what you are looking for, then definitely pay Crescent Island Game Sanctuary a visit.

It offers nothing but the best, it can’t get any better.

5. Lemon Valley

Lemon Valley is also one of the most popular places you should visit in Nakuru.

Lemon Valley has the most beautiful views and amazing locations.

If you are picture lover and enjoy taking videos, you will make beautiful unforgettable memories in Lemon Valley in Elementaita.

6. Hyrax Hill

All height lovers should not miss a chance of visiting Hyrax Hill.

It’s one of the most attractive places in Nakuru County.

7. Longonot National Park

Longonot Park in Nakuru is amazing!

Anyone who has been in Longonot National Park can easily say that it is definitely a great place to visit and tour.

8. Lord Egerton Castle

Last but not least is Lord Egerton Castle.

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One of the oldest center of tourist attraction in Nakuru and Kenya at large.

When you visit Nakuru, definitely check out the Lord Egerton Castle and see it for yourself.

Those are the best places to visit in Nakuru this year.

Please note that this article is for listing and information purposes only, which means that the article DOES NOT go in depth about the various places in the list.

But all the places mentioned above are the best places to visit in Nakuru, do a specific research on your favorite place or visit the places which are all located in Nakuru County, Kenya.

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