5 Amazing And Best Places To Visit In Mombasa


Mombasa is beautiful, but you will be surprised how more beautiful and amazing it can get after checking out these six best places to visit in Mombasa County.

Kenya is a blessed land itself, it is East Africa’s biggest tourist attraction country of all time.

That is thanks to beautiful places found in Kenya such as Mombasa.

Aside from the sandy beaches, Mombasa has quite a lot more to offer than just a beautiful beach.

As a matter of fact, tourists who visit Kenya, 90% of the time, will visit Mombasa before leaving the country.

There is no doubt that Mombasa is a huge tourist attraction in Kenya.

Mombasa attracts local tourists and international tourists too, because of its amazing coastal experience.

In this article we have listed the top 5 places in Mombasa we believe you would love to visit and enjoy whatever Mombasa has to offer.

Below are the most Amazing Places To Visit In Mombasa, Kenya.

Best Places To Visit In Mombasa:

1 The Mombasa Marine National Park

Mombasa Marine National Park is huge, it covers over 2500 acres of land.

The national park attracts a lot of visitors who enjoy learning the history of places, Deep sea diving and enjoying the sweet African sun among other endless things.

It’s actually one of the most recommended parks to visit when you tour Mombasa.

Pay Mombasa Marine National Park a visit and see it for yourself, you will be amazed.

2 Nyali Beach

Nyali Beach is the place to be when you are in Mombasa.

The beach gets even better when you visit with your romantic partner.

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The sandy beach will gave you every reason to enjoy your life more.

Nyali Beach has the most beautiful, attractive and relaxing atmosphere ever.

You basically can’t compare Nyali beach with any beach, when it comes to a relaxing atmosphere, it’s a very beautiful beach that makes a great romantic getaway.

3 Fort Jesus

You simply can’t talk about Mombasa and not mention Fort Jesus.

Anybody who knows Mombasa definitely knows Fort Jesus, simply because of its historic nature and heritage.

Fort Jesus in Mombasa was built around 1595 by the order of King Philip, who was a Portuguese.

You can tell how old the place is till date, and it’s one of the top tourist attractions in Mombasa today.

When visiting Mombasa, definitely check out Fort Jesus and enjoy what Mombasa County has to offer.

4 Shimba Hills National Reserve

Shimba Hills National Reserve in Mombasa is among the largest forests in East Africa.

It attracts thousands of visitors every single month, and the amazing thing about the reserve is that it has a very high return rate, which means once you visit Shimba Hills you are probably going to go back again.

The views from the top are amazing and one can take outstanding photos in any location.

5 Haller Park

Haller Park can’t be out of your tour bucket list especially if you are an animal lover.

The place will make you feel alive with all the amazing wild animals in the park, these include extra tall giraffes, beautifully colored Zebras among other beautiful wild animals found in Haller Park, Mombasa, Kenya

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You will also get to see extremely old wild animals that you might doubt their age for a minute.

Those are the Top, Must-Visit places in Mombasa County, Kenya.

When you visit Mombasa, don’t even think twice about visiting any of the above listed places, you will not regret it, you will get to enjoy yourself and learn a lot of new things.

Please note that this article of amazing and the best places to visit in Mombasa, is only for list and information purposes only, which means that this article DOES NOT go in depth about the places mentioned in the list.

Simply use the list to identify a good place that you would like to visit and do research on the place or visit the actual place to enjoy what Kenya has to offer.

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