25+ Best Vietnamese Pick Up Lines

Vietnam pick up lines

Here is a list of more than 25 Vietnam and Vietnamese pick up lines for you to flirt with today.

With no particular order, below are pick up lines about Vietnam and the Vietnamese.

Vietnamese Pick Up Lines:

Are you a Vietnamese? I felt pho you the day I set my eyes on you.

Your lips look beautiful. I would like mine to meet them.

You rocked my world until I thought it was an earthquake.

You must be made of honey. You are so beautiful. 

Are you coffee? Because you are so sweet.

I’m not a photographer but I can picture how beautiful you are.

I won’t risk playing hide and seek with you, because some as beautiful as you is impossible to find. 

Your beauty makes me smile every time I look at you. Could you be my mirror?

Are you moon? Your beauty keeps shining even when it’s dark. 

When I was young my parents told me to follow my dreams. That’s why I need to follow you.

Are you google? You have all places in the universe. 

Are you just so beautiful and attractive or you swallowed a magnet?

You are smoking hot. You could generate electricity. 

They say flowers are beautiful. If that’s so then you are my flower.

The moment you arrived here I felt that like the most beautiful girl in the world was in the compound. 

Hello beautiful let me be a thief so that I can steal your heart.

In my life I’ve never had a dream come true, but that changed the day I met you.

When the night is young and the moon bright, I want you to be with me.

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Do you have a map? Because just keep getting lost in your eyes.

Like the universe is never ending, so is my love for you.

I can forecast the future. You and I sharing contact.

You’d be an eternity of beauty were time.

You’re smoking. Could there be fireman round? 

As iced coffee with milk is sweet, so are you.

You are so pretty that I couldn’t take my eyes off you.

You are such a blessing! Is your dad a preacher?

I wish I had a star every time we are together. I’d have a galaxy.,

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