40+ Best Giraffe Pick Up Lines

Giraffe pick up lines

Here are some of the best pick up lines about the tallest animal, a giraffe.

If you are looking for the best giraffe animal pick up lines, you landed on the right article.

These are cheesy giraffe pick up lines, funny giraffe pick up lines, dirty and cute pick up lines that are giraffe themed.

Below is the list of the best pick up lines about the wild animal giraffe.

Giraffes Pick Up Lines:

You can perfectly compliment my height.

If I bend my knees, will I still be up to your standards?

If I were a giraffe, I’d make sure you are on top of the world.

You are trapped; it will take you forever to climb down from this heart.

I don’t mind you using a ladder to find the key to my heart.

Ever watched this movie called “Love at Higher Altitude.”

I could get you to heaven, for free of course.

We are the same height, its just that I am not lying down.

What you see while standing up, I see while lying down, right now I see us having a family

Take it easy, I am not going to breath all the air up here.

Care to make baby giants with me? 

You are so beautiful; I would never look down on you.

Yeah, I actually feed the sun, am so close to it, I believe am the sunshine to your world.

You will find the love of your life if you look up to me.

I can never be six feet under, I am always six feet above to take care of you

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What are you doing down there when I thought angels are up here?

Is it true that you are always longing to be this high?

I swear you are so beautiful God had to put you below me so I can scrutinize your beauty properly.

On my most careless day, I would tramp on you if I looked the wrong direction.

It is a new exciting world up here full of opportunities you can never think of, for instance, me.

Come up and ride me any time you feel like.

There is room for you in my heart.

What they say about the height of an animal is actually true

You are so hot I couldn’t help but notice you don’t belong down there; you belong up here with me.

You will never have to be scared again in your life, I will be watching out for you.

I happen to be so tall; I can see the future. You are my wifey. 

I understand you can’t get up here, the air is short, care to lie in my bed?

Do you know why I am so tall? So that I can easily spot beautiful girls like you

It has been a long time since I played with dolls.

You might not know it but it’s actually free to get up here. 

I just broke my neck trying to get a glimpse of you. 

I will slam my neck for you to gain your dominance.

It is cooler up here, care to join me?

I’d shorten my neck for your love.

We could dominate the world from where I am.

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I paint the sky for a living, if you wish to know.

I wish you could see my love for you from up here.

I don’t know about you but have you ever tried to kiss from this altitude? 

My neck keeps turning down to you, I wonder what you have on them. 

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