Health Benefits of Green Tea and the Risks

Green Tea

7 Health Benefits of Green Tea and the Risks

Green tea is one of the healthiest drinks you can ever drink. It is loved by most older people because it is considered an anti aging drink. Meaning drinking green tea can help you grow older, slower.

Green tea also contains antioxidants and nutrients that are supper important for your body’s health.

If you are a lover of green tea, I believe it’s very crucial for you to know the benefits of drinking green tea plus the potential risks you might encounter when you drink green tea.

On the other hand, maybe you are currently not a big fan of green tea but you have just started drinking it more, recently or maybe you’ve heard a lot about it’s benefits and you’d like to find out, the benefits and side effects of drinking green tea. If any of the above, fully or even slightly describes the reason as to why you landed on this post. Then you are in the right place.

Without complicating the process, and giving you straight forward information you need. Here are 7 Health Benefits of Green Tea + Risks of Drinking Green Tea in a laid out and brief, straight on point fomat.


The Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea

So why is green tea considered a healthy drink? 7 Health Benefits of Green Tea + Risks of Drinking Green Tea

Kindly note that this list does NOT go in depth on the benefits of green tea, so if you are looking for a medical (purposes) or detailed information about green tea. Please do more research before deciding to do anything.

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With that being said. Now let’s go through the list of the amazing benefits of green tea.

1: May Help In Diabetes

Drinking green tea frequently has a chance to help your body prevent diabetes.
When you drink green tea, it will regulate the glucose levels which will then slower the rise of blood sugar levels. With low blood sugar levels, diabetes can be prevented in developing in your body.

2: May Prevent Heart Disease

Green tea may prevent you from getting a heart disease because scientists believe that
drinking green tea can help protect your blood vessels from clotting. Considering the fact that blood clots are the primary causes of heart disease.

It also help the blood vessels to stay on point and withstand changes in blood pressure, flexibly.

3: Gets Rid Of Bad Cholesterol

Green tea is able to reduce bad cholesterol in the blood, making it a healthy drink for your body. Decreasing bad cholesterol in your system is a healthy thing to do, and drinking green tea frequently can help you do just that, naturally.

4: May Cure and Prevent Tooth Decay

According to recent studies, drinking green tea can prevent and cure tooth decay.

Green tea properties such as the antioxidants in it, can be effective in destroying the bacteria that courses dental caries among other dental conditions.

5: May Reduce The Risk of Blood Pressure

Although there are better, and more naturally safe ways of reducing blood pressure, it should not be assumed that drinking green tea more frequently can actually reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

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6: Helps In Weight Loss

Weight loss, is a huge topic itself and knowing some extra tips that can help in weight loss is a big step when it comes to losing weight.

Drinking green tea can help in weight loss as it increases the metabolism. There is a certain property know as the polyphenol which is found in green tea that intensifys the levels of fat oxidation, and also regulates the rates at which your body turns food into calories.

More information about weight loss. Can be easily accessed HERE.

7: Can Give You A Clear Skin

Although that’s more of a beauty benefit than a health benefit, who doesn’t want to have a flow skin?.

As mentioned earlier, drinking green tea can deduce the rate at which your body is aging.

As a result, drinking green tea more often has the ability to give you a smooth and clear skin. This is due to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory in green tea.

Here is a more detailed information about keeping your skin smooth, clear and healthy without artificial products.

Green tea is also said to have the ability to reduce sun damage on the skin.


The Risks Of Drinking Green Tea

Every good thing has a bad side of it. Almost everything that is helpful has a side effect. And it’s a very smart move to learn about both the benefits and the side effects of things so that you can always make the right decisions and avoid certain risks.

So what risks are there in drinking green tea? What risks can you easily encounter?

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First of all, let’s clear a few things up; Just how much green tea should you drink?

Some people say you should drink three cups of green tea every day, some people suggest one cup of green tea daily is enough.

To be on the safer side, the only rule that you should use when it comes to how much green tea you should drink is: To Much Of Something Is Poisonous.

Actually, the most important thing to do is to know your limits, and understand your current medical conditions before you choose the number of cups you will be drinking a week.

Here are the potential risks of drinking green tea.

The most important factor to note is that green tea contains caffeine, for people who are sensitive to caffeine, please limit yourself to only one cup of green tea in a day.

Another risk that you may encounter when you drink green tea, is drinking green tea when you are pregnant. The stage of your pregnancy does not necessarily matter, avoid drinking green tea when you are pregnant.

Green tea is not healthy for young children, if your child/ sibling starts drinking green tea at a very young age. It’s a bad habit in regards to their age and should STOP.

There you have it, 7 Health Benefits of Green Tea + The Risks of Drinking Green Tea

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