How To Dress Like a Female Model (11 TIPS) 2023

How To Dress Like A Female Model, 11 tips you should always consider.

Ever dreamed of dressing like a model? You don’t have to be an actual model to dress like the female models that you usually see on Instagram, magazines and catwalks. Literally anyone can dress like a model regardless of one’s body size, color or height. You just need to know how to dress like a model.

Female models are popularly known for their elegance style and outstanding outfits.

If you ever wanted to dress like them, this is what you need. First of all you don’t need high end fashion outfits to dress like a female model. If you are keen enough you will notice that, models don’t usually wear high end outfits all the time (unless they are paid to promote the brand ) they wear basic clothes BUT they know how to match them out to come up with a truly unique style.

Dressing like a female model is not complicated. Here are ways for you to follow to dress like a female model.

Best Model Outfit Inspiration:


1: Get Inspired

The first thing you need to do to dress like a female model is to get some inspiration. It doesn’t matter where you get it from. Just get inspired.

Whether you’ll get inspiration from popular Instagram models, or your favorite celebrity outfits. Inspiration is good for you to come up with outfits ideas that fit your body type.

You can go to public runways near you, (though that may not be possible because of the covid-19 situation). You can option to watch fashion related movies for classic inspiration on outfits and accessories.

There is even more inspiration online apart from Instagram, and that’s YouTube, there are thousands of fashion related videos on YouTube that can be of good help for you. Watch fashion shows on YouTube and note down some interesting outfits and accessories you would like to try.

2: Don’t Over Dress

Dressing like a model does not mean dressing up with all the fancy clothes in your wardrobe.

That’s not dressing like a female model.

To dress like a female model, simplicity should be your best friend. Put on simple and basic clothes that actually fit well with your body type and your height.

A basic outfit can come out perfect if you dress up correctly. For instance, you can put on an all-black outfit for the day.

All-white outfit is also a great outfit idea for a simple look.

When you have nothing much to do on a Saturday morning or if you are walking around the neighborhood or the market, you can dress like a model by putting on a skinny jeans (denim) with a plain white t-shirt, and nice matching sneakers. Simple outfit without breaking the bank. Remember it’s how you carry yourself, not how you walk.

3: Put On Sunglasses

Sunglasses compliment almost every look.
If you want to dress like a female model, sunglasses should always be on your outfit budget.

The good thing about sunglasses is that you don’t really need to buy expensive ones, for as long as they fit you well and look amazing, rock them.

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Sunglasses will make you look more stylish and not only will they style up your outfits but they will protect your eyes from sun rays.

4: Wear High Heels

Another thing you should not lack when dressing up like a female model is high heels.

High heels look good on women.

Wearing high heels will make you look taller. If you didn’t know it yet, wearing high heels will also make you look slimmer.

One more thing though. High heels can be painful to some people, if wearing high heels is painful to you, you can ignore them, or wear them less.

But if you have no problem with wearing high heels, definitely consider putting them on when rocking an outfit.


5: Became Best Friends With Handbags

Handbags give you a good outfit look. They are actually perfect for casual wear.

Before you bring a handbag with you, make sure it matches your outfits color. When buying a handbag, consider buying handbags that are more “color matching” with most of your clothes.

Go for neutral colors when choosing a handbag to bring with you. The best neutral colors include black and white.
Other neutral colors are golden and silver.

6: Wear Boots or Flats as High Heels Alternatives

Well as mentioned earlier, high heels are not for everybody. So if you are that person who often feels pain after wearing high heels, then these two are a good high heels alternatives.

Wear flat shoes or boots that nicely coordinate with your outfit style.

For a white t-shirt, you can wear a white airforce 1. Depending on the style you are rocking.

For instance for a bad girl or tomboy kinda look, try martens or doc.

For a chic kinda look, go with loafers or tennis shoes.

Other flat shoes are ballet flats and moccasins. They go pretty well with blouses and dresses.

7: Wear Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans can definitely not miss in a female model’s wardrobe.

Skinny jeans are loved in fashion, because they are flexible with almost any outfit you can think of.

For a more casual look, light colored skinny jeans will do it perfectly for you.
When buying, try out skinny jeans before you purchase them from a clothing store, the more it fits you well, the better. Some jeans might look fit in but if you happen to purchase them without trying them out first you might end up with a useless pair of jeans.



Depending on the accessories you are rocking with. Black jeans are the best stylish ones for a “model like” outfit.

Make sure to purchase skinny jeans more often when you go shopping. Black skinny jeans and light colored denim jeans are the best. You can also try other colors that go well with most outfits, such as a white skinny jeans.

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8: Buy Accessories

The world is all digital right now, you can order accessories online and they’ll be delivered at your door.

Accessories are necessary for a stylish look.
They make you look more attractive and fashionable.

Again, no need for you to buy a real diamond necklace worth $8,000 to stand out. That’s a lot of money that can be used to buy more outstanding outfits for a couple of weeks, instead of one necklace.

Buy accessories that you can afford. I know the cheaper the accessories the worse the quality, but don’t break the bank to buy a single item. Before purchasing an accessory, look for its ratings, price range, offers and uniqueness before purchasing it.

The best or stylish accessories are in color of, gold, silver and diamond.

Jewelries that are in diamond appearance are awesome for all outfits.

Always add at least one or two accessory to your outfit. But never too much.


9: Stay Fit and Healthy

Dressing like a female model means looking like one.
All models take their fitness and health very seriously. So should you.

To dress up like a female model, you will need to stay fit and healthy. Female models always work out, and have a healthy lifestyle.

For you to look like a female model you need to have a healthy lifestyle too. Look at what you eat. DON’T just eat.

Eat healthy food and hit the gym every now and then. You don’t have to always hit the gym everyday, at least 2 or 3 times a week is fine. Eat healthy meals like vegetables, fruits and food with less calories.

If you are not a gym person, working out at home is a great idea too. You can lose weight, maintain weight, stay fit and reach your fitness goals all by working out at home, no gym membership required, no Coach needed and no workout tools needed.



Take good care of your skin and hair.
Remember to always drink plenty of water.

10: Always Be Confident

There’s no way around it. Confidence is key.

If you want to dress like a model then better bring out that model attitude baby.

Be confident in yourself. Dress well and be supper confident in yourself that when you walk into the bank the workers confuse you with the bank owner’s daughter.

Stop caring and paying attention to what other people think. That’s their problem not yours.

Your work is to look as fly as you can..

Be confident with what you wear and always feel good about it.
Be confident with your body and love yourself unconditionally.

11: Take Pictures

What’s the point of dressing so well if you can’t even take pictures, right?.

Showoff your outfits on Instagram in a good way. Just the way you got inspired by other models, some of your Instagram followers are going to be inspired by one of your stylish outfits.

Always take pictures when you go out or bump into a nice looking place with beautiful backgrounds. Without forgetting when you visit big cities like New York, LA, Paris, London, Beverly Hills, Florida, Miami just to mention the most popular ones.

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Have your friend take pictures of you. But if you are out with your boyfriend or husband, he will love to take pictures of his beautiful woman.

Take nice pictures posing like a model ( no freaky staff though ).
A camera is good for pictures but if you have good lighting at the moment, your phone can work pretty well for photos too.

Taking pictures of yourself with different outfits will help you know what outfits look good on you on pictures VS on the mirror, this way you will get to pick out the best pictures to post on your Instagram feed. Plus pictures will ensure you don’t get to repeat the same outfit so often since you can easily access what outfit you had on last week.

Inspiration is good for you to come up with outfits ideas that fit your body type. See these gorgeous evening dresses by Sherri Hill, for example.

Wrapping up… How to dress like a female model.


Plain white t-shirts.
Plain black t-shirts ( a few fit in).
White pants.
Black jeans.
Skinny jeans ( different colors). Flats and high Heels.
Girly jackets.
Girl belts.
Sports bra.
Female Wristwatch.
Small handbag.

Anyone can dress like a model, you just need to know the trips and tricks. Most of the popular female models were just like you a few years ago, and they started out with no brand deals, not much clothes in their wardrobe, they just wanted to be models. And that’s how they become models.

If you ever wanted to become a female model, if modeling is your dream job. Just know that the person you look up to now was like you years back. You can also get to where they are right now if you are determined.

Be hangry for what you want and always work to achieve it. One step at a time, it’s progress not perfection.

Start feeling like a model now, start dressing like a model now, starting acting like a model now, to prepare yourself to what you are about to become.

For those who don’t necessarily want to become models but want to dress well and stand out from the crowd, always remember that confidence is the key.

What you should NOT do:

Don’t brag about your outfits, always be humble.

Don’t always follow fashion trends. Wear outfits that are not trendy sometimes. ( now that’s confidence)

Don’t always rely on ready made outfits. Be creative and DIY some yourself.

Don’t listen to people’s opinions. You have the final word in what you want in life.

Don’t buy expensive clothes just to dress nicely. Unless you can really afford them.

Don’t compare yourself with others so much. There’s no comparison between the sun and the moon, they all shine when it’s their time.

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