Here’s How To Live Your Best Life From Today

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Life can get tough. But that’s how it’s meant to be. We can’t control how tough life can be on us. But we can control how we live it to the fullest.

With the help of a few characters that you have to apply in your life, you will be able to live your best life from today.

Nothing in this world matters more than your own happiness, self-love and self acceptance.

You need to have a reason why you jump out of the bed every morning. A reason to push forward everyday.

Here are a few character/habits that will help you live your best life from today.

How to live your BEST LIFE:

1: Become The Best Version Of Yourself

Be the best version of yourself all the damn time. Sounds crazy to you? It should.

Be so focused on yourself that you can’t notice what is happening around you. In a good way though, (especially negativity).

Always be focused on bettering yourself daily. Before you do anything, ask yourself. Does it affect me as a person? And how does it affect you, in a bad way or the good way?.

Love your flaws and love them equally. Before you let anyone ruin your day remember who controls the day, YOU DO!

2: Accept what you can’t fix

You can’t help everyone. Neither can you fix everything. The point is doing your part and letting God and the universe handle the rest.

To be able to live your best life. You will need to have to let go of things that you can’t fix in your life.

An average happy person doesn’t pressure himself with trying to fix what they know pretty well they can’t fix in life.

Living your best life all boils down to doing your best NOT trying to do it perfectly.

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3: Share Your Happiness

To live the best life you possibly can you need to share some of your happiness with other people who would love to be at the same point in life where you are at the moment.

Make someone’s day by being a genuinely kind person.

Make other people feel loved, appropriated and matter in the world. When someone is happy because you made them feel like they deserve to be happy. Nothing will feel your soul with joy more than that.

Just the fact that some is happy because of you should be the greatest feeling you will ever have.

4: Focus

How to live your best life = FOCUS!

Focusing in what you are doing and avoid being distracted.

If you have find someone you think was born for you. Love them unconditionally. No matter their flaws. Love them the way you would want them to love you.

Focus in life will help you live your best life. Disruption in life won’t.

Notice the small and simple things that are happening in your life right now and focus on them. Without listening to what the TV host said about the issue you are facing in life or listening to how society suggests you should handle things. Focus and accomplish YOUR goals the way you want to.

Listen to what society says and their suggestions on how to handle things in your life, because you are a respectful person. But do whatever you want to do anyway. You might not realize it yet but you are always one decision away from a totally different life.

5: Relationships don’t rule your life

Finding Love is the best thing that can ever happen to your life.

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BUT. That “finding love” shouldn’t be the thing that runs your life. Feelings come and go. Even the people who are married for over 40 years can still file for a divorce.

This doesn’t mean that love is not a real thing. If you have found love. You are already on the list. Love your partner with all that you have like you are about to lose them.

Not everyone is lucky enough to find love in the early stages of their lives. If you are one of those people, don’t sit there and wait for love to come to you, but don’t also go out there looking for love. That’s not how love works.

Love comes to you. The right person for you will come to you at the perfect time when you least expect it.

You should not be wasting your time and emotions on love if it hasn’t reached your time.

Whether you just got out of a relationship or not. Always value yourself more. Breakups are tough but you are tougher. Love yourself enough to understand that if it was meant to be, it will be. Because sometimes people who you wanted as part of your story are only meant to be a chapter.

People will fall in love with you if you have already fallen in love with yourself. That’s how it simply works.

6: Now is all you have

How about loving what you have now, how about focusing on what’s on the table at the moment, how about using what you have right now?

Now is all you have. Understand that your tomorrow will depend on your today. What you do right now will determine what will happen tomorrow.

A wise person once said ” The best way to predict the future is to create it.Today.”

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To live your best life you should use, love, appreciate and care for what you have right now. Not what you want in the future.

Don’t get so focused on the future that you forget how important the present is, the present is your golden moment, it’s what can make or break your future.

So instead of overthinking on what happened in your life years ago, why not think on what you can do right now.

As mentioned at no.2, don’t focus on what you can’t fix. And you certainly can’t fix the past, what happened then already did, and you can not change it. But you can learn from it and make wiser decisions and choices in the present time which will cover for the future.


They say when life gives you lemon, make lemonade. I can’t agree more.

You are the driver of your own life. The way you dress tomorrow will be up to you, so the joy you will have in your heart tomorrow is also up to you.

Live your best life by putting yourself first. Take care of your body, accomplish your goals, dream big, work smart and be determined.

Life will be sweet if you want it to. Use your mistakes to your advantage and use them to be more smarter than you used to be.

Remember no one is perfect. So don’t try to be perfect, do your best let the God and universe handle the rest.

Progress not perfection.. That should be your everyday thing.

Just make sure that you are NOT in the same place you are right now the following year a time like this.

Nothing bits progress and self-love.

There you go – how to live your BEST LIFE from today.

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