15 Best Library Pick Up Lines

Library pick up lines

A Library doesn’t only have a good collection of books to read and learn, it also has a great collection of awesome pick up lines for flirting.

Depending on how you use these pick-up lines, they can be used by both guys to pick up girls or ladies can also use these library pick-up lines to flirt with their guy crush.

When in the library, here are the best pick up lines to use in the library tonight.

From good library pick up lines to funny library pick up lines to cheesy and clever pick up lines, you can never go wrong with these libraries pick up lines below.

Library Pick Up Lines:

Hey baby girl.. Meet me in the library.

Feel free to call me William Burroughs ‘cause I want Naked Lunch with you. 

Can I take you out of here and find you a room of your own so that you continue enjoying your novel. 

If you become the Lord of my flies, they will only unzip for you. 

I love how sexy you are. I would wish to let you unfold my pages dog-eared style. 

Any room with you in is A Room with a View. 

I’ve been watching you all night. Call me Big Brother. 

Can we make a sequel? Because your body is so banging. 

If you decline my wish to take you out, it would be a Crime and Punishment. 

I’ve tried my best to put you down but I’ve realized I won’t. You are a thriller. 

Would you like to come to my place and see my huge collection of Philip Dick collection?

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You are smoking hot. Do you read Fahrenheit 451?

Will you roommate be around tonight? I would like to come over to make a lot of the Sound and the Fury with you. 

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