45+ Best Asian Pick Up Lines

Asian pick up lines

If you are wondering what are the best Asian pick up lines to use for flirting?.

Worry not anymore… If you want to flirt with a person that you like using Asian pick up lines, then you are in the right place, because we have a collection of the best Asian pick up lines for your flirting game.

The Asian pick up lines in this article are a combination of dirty Asian pick up lines, clever Asian pick-up lines, cheesy pick up lines and funny Asian pick up lines.

Here are the best, Asian pick up lines to use today.

Asians Pick Up Lines:

Did you know, Asians get free access into my heart.

White girls are a total turn off. Only Asians make me smile.

I heard Asian girls know a lot of things. Would you like to show me one or two?

Are you half caste? Like half cute – half sexy.

You do look like Lucy Liu.

Is your last name Hu? You really look like Kelly Hu.

Are you from Thailand? Because I am sending you to Bangkok tonight.

Are you from Tokyo? Because I want to get in Japanies.

Do you really eat dogs?

You would not be sari if you become my friend.

You are so cool, I mean, for an Asian.

Did you know mosquitoes kill? Hurry, get under my mosquito net.

There is nothing I would love more than to introduce my Crouching Tiger to your Hidden Dragon

I bet you really give good massages, I mean look at your hands.

I have yellow fever and you are the only cure.

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I heard there is no stopping Asian girls. I challenge you to prove it to me.

Would it amaze you that I know all about the 38th parallel?

Get on the floor. The dance floor.

Will you be my girlfriend? I know we just met and all, but time is money my friend!

You would not find anyone like me because I am the best.

Let me tell you something you already know, I really like you.

Let me tell you something you do not know, I really like you.

Love is like a jungle. Capture your prey or be captured.

Hello! Hello! The moon represents my heart.

Even more Asian pick up lines

You really look like Margaret Cho.

Are you from China? Because I’m China get on you.

You just stole my heart.

I know some amazing tae kwon do styles. Would you like me to show you?

Your eyes. Where have I seen them before? A-ha! They remind me of almonds.

Would you like to ride in my 16-valve, twin-cam lowered Acura Integra with BBS gold-spiked rims and a subwoofered stereo that’ll leave you breathless?

I look like a nerd. It is disguise. I cannot have the world melting over my hotness.

I am willing to be your yang if you will be my yin.

Do you have any Asian in you? Can I lend you some?

Asia is so cute, I gotta borrow some of yours for my future kids

I want you to my future children how to say your name.

You look so hot, do you happen to be a descendant from Hiroshiman?

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I’m all by myself, but it is all good.

Are all the seats in your heart taken? My feet ache from wandering all town looking for you.

I would like a nap in your heart.

I am on fire, but you keep standing straight.

Give me some chocolate.

I cannot explain how I feel.

Hello! Hello! How may I help you?

Hello! Hello! Tell me what you want right now.

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