30+ Funniest Pick Up Lines for him/her

Funny pick up lines

Looking for the funniest pick up lines?.

Below is the list of the best and unique funny pick up lines to use on your crush today.

They include funny pick up lines, dirty pick-up lines, cheesy pick up lines, clever and cute funny pick up lines to flirt with today.

Funny Pick Up Lines:

Do you like to date a rich guy or a funny guy? Don’t worry I’m working to earn a billion dollar.

Are you a runaway model? So, I can get permission to land on you.

Are you the Uber in an asylum? You always drive me crazy.

Knock, knock! Who are you? I ‘m Date St.  Who’s Date St? My name’s not St. But I would love to have a date you! 

Enough of the negging part because I can’t do it! Let’s go out on a date instead.

Please stop lying in front of me because you’re so good and true. 

Is your nickname Sharpie? Because you already make a last impression on me. 

You’re one reason why cave dwellers wrote on walls, but I wouldn’t say you’re old. 

If a picture reflects a thousand words, then you would be a sexy thesaurus! 

Are you a policeman? Because you’re so arresting to my eyes. 

Do you want to see an impression? Here’s my impression of us to go on a date. 

I don’t usually approach women unless I hit on them. 

Why do you think the pigeon and duck walk the road? Of course, they want to flock at you. 

If I’m a hipster, I would rather shave this beard and ate organic for your sake! 

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I don’t have any idea about my star sign, but I hope it matches yours. 

I’m proud to be a box set because I’m a great solution for you to spend your weekend. 

You’re so perfect that Christopher Walken might say, enough with the cowbells! 

I want can’t wait for the release of an awkward second album where you can come out with me. 

Is your uncle a tailor?  Well, because you’re such a fine person to me.

Does an architect’s blood flow in you? Because I know how you’re built. 

Don’t give me a coffee in the morning. I want your homemade milk instead

With my smarts and your beauty, we’re going to be a pretty and dumb couple.

How I wish you’re the flu so that we could be stuck on the bed. 

You and I are like sandpaper. You’re fine, and I’m rough. 

On Halloween, you might say threat or treat.

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