Bantu Mountain Lodge: List of Activities and their Prices

Bantu Mountain Lodge

Nestled in the serene landscapes near Mount Kenya, Bantu Mountain Lodge offers a variety of activities perfect for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike.

If you are planning to visit this lodge, these are some of the important information we think is valuable to you as a visitor.

Here’s a detailed guide to the activities available at the lodge, along with their associated costs.

Bantu Mountain Lodge Activities and Charges:

1. Canopy Walk

  • Cost: Ksh 200 per person
  • Details: Experience breathtaking views from a high suspended bridge through the forest canopy. This walk provides a unique perspective of the landscape, including a spectacular view of Mount Kenya.

2. Nature Trails

  • Cost: Included with stay
  • Details: Take a guided walk through the lush forest trails surrounding the lodge. These nature trails are excellent for birdwatching and spotting local wildlife, providing a peaceful escape into nature.

3. Crocodile and Tortoise Park Visit

  • Cost: Ksh 300 per person
  • Details: Visit the lodge’s reptile park to see and learn about various species of crocodiles and tortoises. This educational activity is perfect for families and wildlife enthusiasts.

4. Team Building Activities

  • Cost: Ksh 3800 per person
  • Details: Ideal for corporate retreats or group outings, these activities are designed to build teamwork and leadership skills. The package includes meals, drinks, and the services of a professional facilitator.

5. Camping

  • Cost: Ksh 1000 per person
  • Details: Enjoy an overnight stay under the stars at the lodge’s well-equipped campsite. The fee includes access to camping facilities, and rental gear is available if needed.

6. Boat Riding

  • Cost: Ksh 1000 per session
  • Details: Enjoy a peaceful boat ride on the lodge’s lake. Choose between an engine-powered boat or rowing, both options come with a guide to ensure safety and provide interesting insights about the surroundings.
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7. Mau Mau Caves Visit

  • Cost: Ksh 2500 per person
  • Details: This historical tour includes a guided visit to the Mau Mau caves, highlighting the area’s rich history and beautiful natural features like waterfalls. Visitors can also enjoy swimming spots along the way.


  • Cost: Ksh 8000 per night
  • Details: The lodge offers comfortable accommodation with amenities including rooms, meals, and conference facilities. This package is ideal for both leisure and business travelers seeking a comprehensive service.

Bantu Mountain Lodge is a perfect getaway for those looking to immerse themselves in nature and history while enjoying a variety of activities tailored for different interests.

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