Becky Citizen TV Series Cast and Story 2023

Becky Citizen TV

As the popular Citizen TV series Sultana came to an end, Citizen TV has already reviled the next show that will replace Sultana which is none other than Becky!.

Becky the new TV show on Citizen TV features some of the most talented and well known Kenyan actors who have actually appeared in other popular TV series in Kenya.

The TV series “Becky” has replaced Sultana in terms of time of airing and the days it will be airing on Citizen TV.

To enjoy the new show Becky on TV, stay tuned in on Mondays to Fridays from 7.30PM (EAT) only on Citizen TV, that’s when Becky Citizen TV Series will be aired 5 days a week.

The show will be aired on Citizen TV for 30 minutes (commercial breaks included), which means every episode will end at 8:00PM (EAT).

Becky series is expected to be the next big thing in the TV Drama.

Who Created Becky Show On Citizen TV:

Becky the new show on Citizen TV was created by Jiffy Pictures which is a production company owned by Lulu Hassan who also works for Citizen TV.

Becky Citizen TV Cast:

Here are the actors of the show Becky which is now available on Citizen TV and Viusasa.

  1. Lucy Maina as Becky
  2. Maureen Muthoni as Sally
  3. Andrew Levi as Junior
  4. Trisha Khalid as Trisha
  5. Monica Nimu
  6. Chantelle Naisola
  7. Yvonne Brenda Ngeso
  8. Sammy Mwangi

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